Are Razor Shaving Cuts Dangerous?




Are Shaving Cuts Dangerous

Yes, shaving cuts can be dangerous because a deep nick can cause an infection or it might sever an artery and lead to excessive bleeding.

The trick is to quickly treat the cut to reduce its severity and effect. You can use the following methods to stop the bleeding quickly.

Let’s look at each in detail.

1. Applying Pressure

Firmly press the wound with Kleenex tissue or medical gauze to halt the bleeding. You can get Kleenez and gauze on amazon with these links – Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues, Rolled Gauze Dressing. These are important parts of your first aid medical shaving kit.

If you don’t have either, use tissue or clean your finger and use it as a last resort. Hold for a few minutes.applying pressure to shaving cut

After the bleeding has stopped, clean the cut with an antibiotic gel or hydrogen peroxide to avoid infection. You can also place a band-aid to protect the cut.

2. Pinch the Bleeding Part and Hold

If pressure on the cut doesn’t stop the bleeding, pinch the area with your index finger and thumb to close the skin and stop the blood flow.

After the bleeding has stopped, clean the nick and apply an ointment. You can bandage if needed.

3. Get Medical Treatment

If the above methods don’t work, visit the nearest hospital to get emergency treatment as the wound may need stitches.

You may end up with a groovy facial scar later for all your pain, but don’t tell anyone that a shaving mistake caused it.

Products to Treat Shaving Cuts

A range of products is available to treat shaving cuts. These solutions have an astringent active ingredient that constricts your skin tissues and coagulates and dries the blood in the cut.

Also, you can use specialty products like My Nik is Sealed and Pacific Shaving Company Stick to treat shaving cuts.

These are shaving nick gels and rollers that can stop blood flow but with less residue and sting compared to a styptic pencil.

In addition, many of these products contain ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe that can soothe the skin.

1. Styptic Pencil

A styptic pencil is an essential item to have in your shaving kit. It is a stick that contains mineral astringents such as titanium oxide, potassium alum, or anhydrous aluminum sulfate.styptic pencil for shaving cuts

You can use it by wetting the tip and pressing it on the cut for some time. You might feel a sting but that’s normal, the stick is effective and can quickly stop the bleeding.

After using the pencil, you should check your face in the mirror as the treatment can leave a powdery residue on the wound.

Get rid of it before you head outside, otherwise, it might look like you just gorged on a white powder donut.

2. Alum Block

An alum block is a potassium bar of soap size that should be made wet and rubbed on the face after a shave.

Alum Block for shaving cuts

It works like a styptic pencil and shrinks the skin tissues to stop blood flow. While a styptic pencil is used for a small spot cut, the alum block can protect your entire face.

Those who are new to shaving with a straight razor may suffer multiple cuts and an alum block is a recommended treatment in this case.

Many men use an alum block even when they don’t have any nicks. Alum blocks have antiseptic powers that can assist with avoiding razor burn. Plus, you’ll get a nice tingly sensation on your face.

3. Aftershaves

Aftershaves typically have alcohol that has astringent properties and can slow the bleeding. Witch hazel is an ingredient in an aftershave which is also a strong astringent.Aftershaves for shaving cuts

Plus, alcohol can work as an antiseptic and prevent razor burn and skin infections. The best part is an aftershave also gives that attractive manly smell. Many men use aftershave without shaving as a cologne.

Besides, the bracing sting you experience after applying an aftershave can really wake you up!

Home Remedies for Shaving Cuts

If you wish to avoid products with artificial ingredients and want to treat your cut in a natural manner, you can try the following home remedies to gain some quick relief:shaving cuts home remedies

Please note that most of these methods will only work if the cost is not too bad.

1. Coldwater

For small cuts, splashing cold water over the wound can be enough. It is recommended to use chilled water as it can be more effective.

The cold water will constrict the blood vessels to slow the blood flow and create a clot. You can also rub an ice piece on the cut to get faster results.

2. Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)

You can apply some vaseline to stop the bleeding from the cut. But ensure you use one that doesn’t contain a lot of toxins.

3. Lip Balm

The wax in lip balms can form a clot and seal the wound easily. Thus, a lip balm can make an effective emergency treatment for a small shaving nick.

4. Antiperspirant

Antiperspirant deodorants have aluminum chloride which has astringent properties besides anti-sweating powers.

As such, you can dab some antiperspirant on the cut if you don’t have an alum block or styptic pencil at home.

5. Mouthwash or Listerine

You read it right. Your mouthwash can also be used to treat your shaving cuts. This is not surprising because Listerine was initially created as an antiseptic that was utilized to clean the wounds of soldiers on WWI battlefields.

In fact, many people use Listerine as an aftershave. Sure, it stings a lot but it can effectively stop your shaving nicks from bleeding.

Plus, you can feel a wonderful antiseptic tingle on your skin and your cheeks will smell minty fresh. Listerine can also be used to treat dandruff and skin rashes according to old ads of the product.

Precautionary Tips To Prevent Shaving Cuts

So, are shaving cust dangerous? Yes, they can be and you should take care to avoid them. To avoid shaving cuts, you need to first answer the question – why do I keep cutting myself while shaving? One of the easiest ways to do this is to use clean and sharp razors. In any case, ensure you know what to do if you cut yourself while shaving.

This is very important, especially when using vintage safety razors and straight razors with disposable blades. Also, ensure that you are using the correct shaving cream, for example, you should use the right shaving cream if you have sensitive skin. However, if you are wet shaving, you do not need shaving cream with an electric razor.

Another important and smart thing to do is to use a shaving mirror. Why? Because shaving mirrors are concave. Why are shaving mirrors concave? Well, because they are used to magnify your face to make shaving easier.

Please also note that shaving razors are age-restricted for this very reason – the risk of cutting yourself.

You can always fall back on good old toilet paper if all the above methods fail. Press the tissue on the wound for a few minutes to stop the bleeding.

Since we have determined that shaving cuts can be dangerous, the best option is to avoid shaving cuts altogether. Check out our article on how to prevent cuts while shaving.

Is it Bad to Cut Yourself While Shaving?

Yes, cutting yourself while shaving can be dangerous, especially if you don’t treat it properly.

The American Academy of Dermatology offers some suggestions for how to recognize when a shaving cut is more than an everyday injury.

For example, if it bleeds excessively or does not stop bleeding after five minutes of applying pressure with a clean cloth.

It should also be taken seriously if there is dirt in the wound.

Additionally, any sign of infection such as swelling around the cut(s) or redness in addition to pain could indicate an emergency involving possible cellulitis bacteria found within acne lesions which may require prescription antibiotics to treat.

Can You Shave Over a Cut?

Yes, as long as it’s not fresh, you can shave over a cut like normal skin. This is because it doesn’t grow any hair.

It also prevents your razor from tugging on a hair follicle and raising the skin to be nicked, which is especially important if you have sensitive skin.

How Long Do Shaving Cuts Take to Heal?

Symptoms sometimes go away after one night. But, they usually go away over two or three days.

However, conditioning your skin, moisturizing, and using a cold compress can help get rid of symptoms more quickly.

Why Do Razor Cuts Bleed So Much?

There are two main reasons why you might bleed so much when you cut yourself while shaving. They include:

  1. Due to a large number of vessels near the surface of your face
  2. The sharpness of your razor.


Shaving cuts can have disastrous results and so it’s advisable to shave carefully and properly to avoid potentially harmful nicks and cuts. Use a sharp new razor and apply it gently on your skin as you shave. Avoid old, blunt blades as they are more likely to cause wounds.

Better safe than sorry! Remember, a safe shaving technique is essential to prevent nicks and avoid the hassle of finding a suitable treatment or rushing to the hospital.

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