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shaving mug

6 Best Shaving Mug and Brush in 2021?

I’m going to give it to you straight, guys. When it comes to straight razors and safety razors, you really don’t want to mess...
Merkur Safety Razor

What is the Best Merkur Safety Razor in 2021?

Many men are exploring the possibility of switching to a more traditional wet shave. It may be for the sake of nostalgia or simply a...
Tabula Rasa Cream

Tabula Rasa Shaving Cream Review

While wet shaving guys are usually not totally into shaving soaps, every now and again we’ll get a shaving cream that we just can’t shut up about. A little...
Differences Between Eau de Toilette and Aftershave

Differences Between Eau de Toilette and Aftershave

In the perfume market, 27% of all scents developed are for men. They are essential for the man of discerning taste. Aftershaves and Eau...

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