Should a 13 Year Old Shave His Mustache?




Should a 13 Year Old Shave His Mustache

A mustache can be attractive, especially when well-trimmed, but when it covers your 13-year-old son’s upper lip and mouth, you may have a reason to get concerned. Shaving over the soft face of the young boy can cause complications. Now, should a 13-year-old shave his mustache? Let’s consider all you need to know to answer this question.

A 13-year-old is too young to shave his mustache because of the risk of shaving too close. A better option is to do a very close trim instead of a shave. If you shave too close, when the hair grows back, it will be thicker, rougher and maybe darker.

When Should a Boy Start Shaving His Mustache?

Most boys develop facial hair during puberty, which typically starts at around 14 years. Others won’t develop these hairs until they’re well into their late teen years.

So, its obvious 13 years olds may not think about shaving his mustache if he hasn’t developed facial hairs yet.When Should a Boy Start Shaving His Mustache

What’s more, if your son is already asking about shaving, it’s time you prepare him well for this milestone.

As it relates to restrictions, in most countries, buying razor blades is age-restricted. In the US and UK, buying razor blades is age restricted to 18 years.

What Happens if You Shave at 13?

As already mentioned, the faces of these young boys are often soft and sensitive, so shaving the mustache can cause skin irritation. Other complications that it can cause include razor burn, cuts, nicks, and painful ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hair is a painful condition that results when the hair curls sideways or back into the skin. It can ultimately cause an infection of the hair follicle. So, if your son insists on shaving his mustache for any reason, you need to guide him to do it right.

How Should a 13-Year Old Boy Shave His Mustache?

If you choose to shave your son’s mustache at age 13, here are the steps you should follow when teaching your son how to shave his mustache safely while practicing good hygiene:

1. Choose the Best Razor

You should help your son know that they have two choices: blade or electric razors. The latter is often more forgiving than blade razors. If the child chooses an electric razor, he’ll less likely cut himself. Besides, he’ll not require to spend time preparing his face for shaving.

However, since electric razors are more expensive, you may need to consider digging deeper into your pocket to support your young son.

13-year olds are too young to work for a living. These razors also can’t guarantee you the closet shave as blade razors do. Overall, they are the best for 13-year olds’ soft skins.

2. Prepare the Face

If your son prefers a blade razor, guide him to wet his face and then apply shaving cream before shaving.

3. Perfect the Technique

The boy needs to know that short, gentle strokes are the most ideal. It would be best if you also encouraged him to shave with the grain. He can shave against the hair growth after mastering the shaving technique for a perfect shave.

4. Go Easy on Aftershave

Since young skin can be sensitive, your boy should use alcohol-free aftershave made for sensitive skin.

5. Clean the Blades

Please encourage your child to rinse his blade razor after use and pat it dry with a towel. He should throw away disposable blades after the fourth or fifth use.

When Should A Boy Start Shaving His Moustache?

Many boys feel they should start shaving, even before puberty. This may be due to peer pressure or just the feeling you get out of curiosity as a teenage boy. While some boys may need to start saving early though, most boys will not develop a mustache until they are 14 years or more.

Summing Up Should a 13-Year-Old Shave His Mustache?

Your 13-year old boy can follow the above steps if he thinks it’s the right time to start shaving his mustache. He should only shave when necessary to avoid irritating his skin.

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