How Do Electric Razors Work?




How Do Electric Razors Work

An electric razor provides excellent convenience for busy men who lack time to shave manually every morning. You may have heard that it’s a clever and sophisticated invention that you can use whenever you want to make grooming fast and fuss-free. But, how does an electric razor work? If you need a detailed and helpful response, please feel free to read on as we answer this question.

Electric razors include foil and rotary razors. Below is a quick summary of how they work:

Foil Electric Razors: Foil electric razors work by oscillating blades at high speed under a thin metal sheet (or foil). The slots in the foil then capture the hair which allows the razor to shave close to the skin.

Rotary Electric Razors: Rotary razors work by using a revolving or spinning head (usually three heads in a triangular shape) to trace the contours of the face in a circular motion. The hairs slip into the openings and are cut cleanly.

Let’s get into more details.

How Does Foil and Rotary Electric Razors Work?

As we said before, how your electric razor works largely depends on whether on the type of razor you choose. We’ve two options: the foil and rotary razor.foil and rotary razor how do they work

Foil Electric Razors: Foil electric razors have an ultra-thin metal layer covering the blades’ surface, known as the foil. There are slots or holes in the foil that trap the hairs, allowing the blade to give you a close shave.

These blades are enclosed behind the perforated foils and oscillate at extremely high speeds.

Rotary Electric Razors:  Rotary electric razors come with spinning or revolving heads that can trace the contours on your body as you move the device in a circular motion. When the hairs slip into openings in its three circular heads, they are cut off completely.

Due to the device’s design, you can use it with ease to maneuver around the most difficult areas of your face, like the neck and chin. Other shavers can hardly access some of these areas. Overall, if you have a lot of facial hair and want a shaving device that can give you the best result, the rotary unit has you covered due to the efficiency of its three circular heads.

Why is Shaving with an Electric Razor Better?

Electric razors shave better than manual razors. That’s why they’re popular among most busy men today. They shave extra fast. Moreover, since these razors roll up the skin and then cut them, you don’t have to go over the area you’ve shaved more than once.

Shaving with an Electric Razor

Although electric razors are heavier than manual ones, they are portable. So, you can use electric shavers wherever there’s a functional electric power outlet.

Moreover, if you are using an electric razor to shave, you may not require special grooming items like gels, soap, shaving cream, or even water.

What’s more, these shavers are more versatile since you can use them to shave your facial hair, sideburns, mustaches, beards, and more. Perhaps the most important feature of these razors is that they can help reduce ingrown hairs, cuts, nicks, and all forms of pains associated with shaving.

Is it Better to Wet Shave or Dry Shave with an Electric Razor?

We’ve said you could shave dry with an electric razor or wet shave with shaving soap or cream, and a razor. If you are wondering whether it’s the best option, the answer is, it depends on you. Why?  Dry shaving is much safer as it typically results in fewer cuts and nicks than wet shaving.

This device is designed to never come into contact with your skin for safety reasons. Dry shaving allows the razor to cut your hair above the skin. In other words, it’s best for beginners and people with sensitive skin.

For men who have been shaving for a while and others with less sensitive skin, wet shaving works better. If you go for this option, the razor will cut the hair just below the skin. So, it’s great for men who want a closer shave. So, you’ll feel smoother for a longer time.

The downside of wet shaving is that it might cause itches, especially as the hairs attempt to regrow. Moreover, the blade can have an abrasive effect given that it get in contact with the skin. This can cause dryness and irritation, though you can minimize this by properly moisturizing or lubricating your skin.

Can Electric Shavers Cut Long Hairs?

Yes, but you may need to take a lot of care to avoid injuries if the hairs are extra-long as your electric razor may start pulling your hair. If you have entry-level electric shavers, you should shave daily.

They are designed for cutting short hair.  For longer hair, you need the more advanced ones. However, you should never use an electric shaver if the hairs are too long.  It can pull and yank your hair. At the same time, the device would miss some of them, especially those that lie flat on the skin.

Why Do Foil Shavers Pull Hairs?

If you choose the wrong foil hairs, it’ll, unfortunately, pull your hair. Some of these shavers are best suited for long-wiry hair. Others are designed for course and thick beards.

Moreover, some foil shavers handle sensitive skin better than others. That means you can prevent this issue by choosing an electric shaver according to your hair and skin type.

How Long Should An Electric Razor Last?

How long it should last depends on various factors, including whether you know how the device works or not. Once you have the information we’ve shared here, you should be able to use your electric shaver for the right purpose.

For example, if you have an entry-level razor, you should use it to shave short hairs, not long ones.  Moreover, if you want a close shave, you should go for the rotary razor. You can also opt for wet shaving.

Another way to increase the razor’s lifespan is to clean it after every use. You should also lubricate its moving parts frequently. What’s more, you can get better results if you replace your electric razor heads and cutters approximately every 12 months. Remember, you may need to replace these parts more frequently if your hair is very thick or coarse.

If you follow all these essential tips, your electrical shave should serve you for over two years without any issues.

How Do Electric Shavers Not Cut You?

Electric shavers are designed such that there’s a barrier (called a guard) between the blade and the skin that prevents it from coming too close to your skin. This design helps you shaver move smoothly over your face, reducing the risk of shaving cuts.

Does An Electric Razor Have A Motor?

Yes, they do have motors. Electric shavers are powered by electricity, and so either work by battery power, rechargeable batteries or plugin. The power source supplies electricity to work the oscillating motor, which drives the blade.

Can Electric Shavers Give Clean Shave?

Electric shavers, especially foil shavers, give a pretty close shave. What’s more, they are safer and more precise than razors, able to protect your skin from cuts while shaving and to cut through any type of hair as neatly as possible.

Do Electric Shavers Use Lithium Batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries (or Li-Ion) are one of the three major battery options that can power electric shavers. The other two are Nickle Metal Hydride batteries, also called NiMH, and Nickle Cadmium batteries, also known as NiCD.


Your electric razor is designed to shave faster and be safer. Foil shavers come with foils with holes that trap the hairs to ensure you get a close shave. Rotary razors have evolving heads with openings. The razor cuts off all the hairs that slip into the openings. Now that you understand how the two types of electric razors work, you can choose one that suits your skin and hair type and get the best shaving experience for years.

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