What Is A Foil Shaver and How to Use One?




What Is Foil Shaver and How to Use One

Shaving is not only about cutting hair but taking care of your soft and sensitive skin. This is why foil shavers were designed – to give a perfect close shave with keeping the skin safe. Read on to find out all about foil shavers and how to use one.

A foil shaver is an electric razor that has a thin layer of metal foil that covers the oscillating blades and protects the skin from direct contact with the sharp blades. There is a mesh in the foil through which the blades can cut the hair closely, offering a close shave without harming the skin. 

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What Is a Foil Shaver?  

Foil shavers do most of the work itself because of the extraordinary features that you won’t find in any other electric razor. It is your perfect shaving tool when you need a quick yet safe shave.   

What Is a Foil Shaver

A foil shaver has fixed heads with sharp oscillating blades that come close to the skin, but don’t touch it, offering a perfect- close shave. That is why they are perfect for straight shaving. 

It has a slender and thin layer of metallic foil that serves as a barrier between the shaver’s sharp blades and your soft skin. The shaving foil covers the blades or cutters of the shaver to ensure minimized contact with the skin while shaving.   

How Does a Foil Shaver Work?  

Foil shavers are not as old as the rotatory razor that you’ve probably been using for the whole of your shaving life. They work by pressing on the skin in a specific direction to precisely cut the hair from its follicles, giving a close shave.

While using a foil shaver can be tricky for the first time but, it’s all about learning the right technique and applying it. Here’s a step-step guide about how to use a foil shaver and make the best out of it.   

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How To Use A Foil Shaver?  

1. Prepping The Skin: 

Foil shavers offer smooth and comfortable shaving but, it’s still important to prepare the skin before shaving. Following this step will protect the skin from possible nicks, cuts, and harsh skin irritation after shaving.

There are a lot of helpful shaving products that you can use but shaving oils and light shaving lotions work best with foil shavers.

Whatever you choose, apply a generous amount of shaving lubricant on the targeted shaving area so that your shaving doesn’t get interrupted midway.   

You can also follow a helpful skin-care shaving regimen for both dry shaving and wet shaving with your foil shaver. Also, try to go with an alcohol-free natural shaving lubricant that keeps your skin fresh, safe, and out of any irritation after shaving.   

2. Shaving  

Shaving with a foil shaver is an interesting art in that you can only excel by knowing the right tips and techniques.

To put it simply, we’re breaking down the process of shaving with a foil shaver into several steps. Carefully go through each step to make sure you follow it in the right sequence.   

  • Know The Right Shaving Direction:   

As mentioned earlier, a foil shaver only works in a straight direction that you should follow to get the best, closest, and desired shaving results.

A good practice is to shave with the grain which will reduce the risk of skin bumps or cuts even with the closest shaves.   

  • Know The Right Movement:   

Once you’ve known the direction, the next step is to decide the movement of your shaver for smooth, quick, and easy shaving.

Well, there’s a never-ending debate about the right direction to propel the foil shaver. But most men agree that light, slow and short strokes are all that you need. Remember that you only have to follow a straight direction and avoid circular movements with a foil shaver.   

Firstly, pull the skin to the opposite face direction so that the razor can get closest to the skin and shave the up-right hair first.

However, it’s better to start with the most sensitive area such as the neck, and then move toward the jawline, ear, chin, and other facial areas.

Always have a good grip on the shaver and gently move it in straight up and down directions on the shaving area.

Gradually increase the skin contact while moving towards the less sensitive areas by repeating the same light, slow and straight strokes. On completing every area, check once or twice to ensure that there’s no hair left on the skin.   

3. Aftercare: 

Just like before, your skin needs to be well-pampered after shaving too. Post-shave aftercare plays a significant role in ensuring that your skin has not suffered during shaving. It not only improves the quality of your close shave but also increases the joy of having clean, smooth, and flawless skin.   

Good after-care includes rinsing the face with cold water for 3-4 times to clean the mess and bits of shaving lubricant.

Next, let the face air-dry as using a towel can scratch any cut you’ve got during shaving. Wait for a few minutes and rub an alcohol-free after-shave balm on the shaving area.

You can also apply a hydrating chemical-free moisturizer depending on your skin type and need. In case of getting cuts or nicks, clean the blood and rub an anti-septic lip balm on it.   

How To Clean A Foil Shaver?

Cleaning the shaver after shaving is the best way to thank your razor for giving you the perfect shave.   

To start with, separate the foil head of the shaver and rinse it thoroughly under running water.

This essential step will help in cleaning all the dirt, hair, and shaving lubricant easily. Next, let the head air-dry separately before re-attaching it to the shaver. Once done, store the shaver in a sealed container to keep it free from any bad odor or rust.   

When Should You Replace the Shaver Foils?  

Over time, the shaver foils can get dull, lose efficiency, or get exposed to surrounding bacteria, making it terrible to shave.

Replacing the blades and foils will help in increasing its lifespan and enhance the performance of many more shavings.

A general recommendation is to replace the shaver foils once every year. However, the time duration of 12-18 months can vary depending on how you use, clean, and maintain your foil shaver regularly.   

How Long Will My Shaver Foil Last?  

The answer to this most-asked question depends on how well you take care of your shaver after use. Foil shavers don’t last too soon but can require replacing the batteries, blades, and heads for better and smooth performance as per need.

However, we cannot bet on the specific age of your foil shaver but recommend you to change your shaver every year. It is because foil shavers can get dilapidated or start stinking after shaving for about a year.    

Can You Use A Foil Shaver On Your Pubes?

So, can you use a foil shaver on your pubes? Using a foil shaver on your pubes is not recommended. This is because you can easily yank your hair or even cut or bruise sensitive areas. Instead, use a body groomer or trimmer.


Remember, using a foil shaver for maximum results can be hard. It might take a couple of shavings or more to get used to with the working of a foil shaver. Therefore, be gentle during shaving and follow this guide to make your shaver do wonders for your close shave.   

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