How Does a Foil Shaver Work?




How Does a Foil Shaver Work

A foil shaver is ideal for someone with sensitive skin since its uses oscillating blades, also known as cutters, beneath a ‘foil’ to cut hair. It doesn’t press against the skin like regular shavers. If you desire to know how it works to give you a smooth shave, you’re in the right place.

A Foil electric shaver has straight heads that use oscillating blades (cutters) beneath a ‘foil’ to cut hair. The foil is a thin layer of metal that covers the blades and captures the hair using small holes. This allows the razor to shave much closer to the skin. This gives a smoother and closer shave than a rotary shaver.

Let’s dive into the details of how your foil shaver works. If you are looking for information on how foil shavers work, check out our article on how foil shavers work and how to use one.

How Does Your Foil Shaver Work?

A foil razor works with a block of oscillating razor blades under an ultra-thin metal layer covering the blade’s surface (foil). The vibrating blades allow the hairs to be lifted up and straightened at the same time before they’re shaved off.foil shaver head

There are lots of holes in this metal layer that trap the hair and allow the vibrating blades to cut the hair easily.

Thus, the foil protects your skin. In addition, the blade gives you a close shave, given that they oscillate at extremely high speed.

How Do You Use a Foil Shaver?

Foil shavers are designed to work on short, thin hair. You can use them every day and get a smooth and gentle shave.

To use a foil shaver, you should do the following:

  1. Take a shower or wash your face, depending on where you want to shave
  2. Use a wet washcloth to soften your beard or skin
  3. Apply your preferred pre-shave product
  4. Move your foil shaver with the grain
  5. Using your non-dominant hand, tightly pull your skin
  6. Check for any missed spots in a mirror
  7. Apply your aftershave on the shaved areas to protect your skin

After using your foil shaver, remember to clean it using a brush. You should then recharge the shaving device.

If the edges aren’t sharp enough, replace the foil and blades. You don’t need any expertise or experience to do this. You can consult your owner guide if your feel unprepared for this relatively simple task.

Are Foil Shavers Good for Pubic Hair?

Since foil shavers cut are designed to cut the hair in an oscillating motion, we won’t recommend using the one you use to shave the face to shave this intimate and sensitive area.

There are fast-moving blades beneath the foil screen that might hurt you, particularly if worn out or poorly maintained. There are also several contours that you need to navigate to be able to shave the pubic hair.

You can consider hair clippers or hair trimmers. They can help if you do the shaving job properly.

Should You Oil Foil Shavers?

Yes, you should regularly lubricate the foil shaver if you want it to provide a close shave consistently.Should You Oil Foil Shavers

Remember, the foils, blades, and metal combs are machined with low tolerance levels. They usually come into contact with each other when the device is in use. This friction can generate a lot of heat and cause an unpleasant experience.

Why is lubricating your foil shaver so important? We’ve mentioned that lubricating your foil shaver is essential for ensuring that it works properly. How does this happen? Here is how lubrication affects how your foil shaver works:

Improves the shave’s closeness: As you use the foil shaver, the blades and foils will wear gradually, which can adversely affect its performance.

If you don’t lubricate in time, the blades can eat through the foils. Since this kind of damage increases the risk of injuries, you should remember to replace the blades and foils before this happens.

With a well-lubricated foil shaver, the tear and wear process is slowed down. This means it allows you to get a close and comfortable shave for several months without any worry.

Reduces stress on the motor: Since lubrication allows your shaver’s cutting parts to glide with the least resistance, it enables the motor to work less but more efficiently.

In other words, it enables the shaver to use most of the generated energy to do the most important work, which is to cut your hair.

Reduces the heat generated due to friction:  Friction between the foils and blades can produce a lot of heat, increasing the risk of blemishes, irritation, and razor burn. Lubrication minimizes friction, thereby minimizing or eliminating discomfort during shaving. You can minimize the risks through regular lubrication.

How Often Should you Oil Your Foil Shaver?

It would be great if you adopted a lubrication frequency that considers how you use your foil shaver. How you clean your shaving device also matters. Here are the suggested frequency and the types of lubrication that are suitable in each case:

Once to twice a week: This could be the most suitable for your needs if you use any lubricating solution other than liquid soap to clean your shaver.

It would be much better if you considered using a spray lubricant. It will lubricate and clean the moving parts concurrently, helping you to solve two problems at once without spending much.

Before-or-after every shave: This option might serve your needs best if you clean the foil shaver with soap and water.

This cleaning method often strips off the foils and blades of all forms of lubrication, so you need to lubricate frequently to reverse this issue.

Some people prefer to put a few lubricant drops before shaving, but you can adopt a unique way provided it guarantees your shaver’s safety. If you don’t use the foil shaver for a while, you should consider lubricating it after use. This way, you lessen the risk of rusting.

How Long Do Foil Shavers Last?

Your foil shaver can last for as many as two years. The exact duration depends on your shaving method. Once you understand how your foil shaver works, you should choose the most appropriate method to extend its lifespan.

Moreover, you should be able to use it to shave the right type of hair. If your hair is too dense, you might need an alternative shaving device. You can also increase how long it will serve you by implementing the best cleaning and maintenance program.

Is A Foil Shaver Better Than A Razor?

Foil shavers, like all electric shavers, work a lot quicker than razors and do not require as much care to use. Electric shavers can be used dry and this removes the hassle of all the preparation that comes with wet shaving. Looking to reduce shaving time? Get a foil shaver.

Do Foil Shavers Give A Close Shave?

Foil shavers are designed to cut hair with the utmost accuracy, which works just wonderfully for beard cutting, shaping, and trimming. They host a whole range of hair-cutting patterns and so can safely cut any area, texture, form, or kind of hair as closely as desired.

How Often Should You Use A Foil Shaver?

As often as you would normally shave, which is daily. Other than giving your skin time to get accustomed to the switch from razor to electric shaver, electric shavers generally do their best work with short hair.

Are Foil Shavers Bad For Your Skin?

Not when you’re being careful. While shaving cuts are a risk with electric shavers, shaving patiently greatly reduces the risk. Also using a dull razor can cause hair and skin to get caught in the razor.


Foil shavers are suitable for men with thinner, straighter facial hair since they cut in a horizontal motion. If you match this description and are ready to get a shave that’s not as close as a razor shave, you can look for your favorite foil shaver. If you choose the right one, its metallic foil will touch your skin to create a protective layer, and your facial hairs will slip into the foil’s opening for the blade to cut them.

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