How Often Should You Shave Your Head?




How Often Should You Shave Your Head

Shaving your head can help you deal with hair loss, save you time, and much more. However, since that freshly shaved smoothness may not last for a long time, how often should you shave your head?

You can shave your head about every three to four weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. If you want to keep a clean bald, shave your head every other day or a maximum of 3 times a week. 

Let’s discuss further details.

Is it Good to Shave Your Head Every Day?

If you love that clean and smooth shave and your hair grows extra fast, there’s no harm in shaving your head every day.

However, it would be best to moisturize your scalp after every shave to protect it from drying out and peeling, which is the last thing that you can want to happen.

Is it Good to Shave Your Head Every Day

Is it reasonable to shave your head every day? It depends on your preferences. As long as you take the best care of your head after each shave, you are free to shave as much as you like every week.

What are the Advantages of Shaving Your Head?

The benefits of head-shaving drive many people to shave more frequently than others. Some of the leading advantages are:

Saves time: No don’t need to worry about styling or combing your hair once you shave your head. Your hair may not require any special care until the hair regrows.

Helps to Deal with Hair Loss: If you suffer from hair loss, you won’t struggle to choose a suitable hairstyle.

Saves money: You won’t spend money on grooming experts.

You look younger and smart: Hair thinness can make you look older. However, once you shave your head, you eliminate all the features that make people think you are much older than you are. Besides, you appear smart and tidy.

What are the Disadvantages of Shaving Your Head?

Frequent shaving can cause a few minor problems like dry skin. It would help if you took a lot of care to avoid scratching your shaved head with your fingernails or using a moisturizer liberally.

People who end up with nicks and cuts complain about scalp irritation. You can also end up with a razor burn if you are new to the game. This is red, inflamed skin.

If you have tightly curled hair, you may also suffer due to ingrown hair. This refers to a situation where some hair grows back into the skin and causes inflammation.

Your skin might also be too exposed to the weather elements. So, you may need to wear sunscreen and cover your head when the weather is unfavorable.

You might also need to shave every day if you don’t like stubble. This applies if your hair grows so fast.

There are many ways to remove hair or permanently keep your head bald. So, it would help if you considered whether any of them offers you better benefits.

How Can I Permanently Keep My Head Bald?

To keep your head bald, save almost every day, as we said. However, if that’s not your thing, use these two common alternatives:

Depilatory Creams

To remove hair from your head using this method, apply safe hair removal cream on your head and allow it to sit there for a while.

These creams contain alkaline chemicals. So, it’ll break down and dissolve the hair bases. Then, when you wipe the scream off, you’ll remove the hair strands as well.


Waxing is often tricky, and you must acquire specific skills before embarking on it. First, ensure the hair is at an optimal length for waxing. This involves trimming it down to a ¼ inch.

Next, choose either hard wax or soft wax. With the former, you don’t require strips. Hard wax requires warming up, but you should not use it at room temperature. Use a wax warmer or microwave to increase the temperature a little bit

Once you are ready, apply the wax to your bald head. It will grab hold of your scalp stubble and form a strip as it hardens. This way, you won’t struggle to pull it off along with the stubble.

If you opt for soft wax, you should find strips. You heat soft wax with a wax warmer and then apply the film to the bald scalp. Next, you’ll use the strips to remove the wax. This second option is more DIY-friendly.

Can Shaving Your Head Cause Permanent Baldness?

Whenever you shave, you only cut the hair at the skin’s surface. This ensures that several millimeters of hair remain growing through the dermis.

So, the follicle won’t even know that you’ve lopped off the hair. However, it would be best to be careful before using other hair removal methods since they can cause baldness or hair thinning.

Note:  Waxing helps you to remove the hair from its roots. Shaving cuts it at the skin level. For the first few times you do it, waxing can be more uncomfortable. Bearing that in mind, most people opt to save for a maximum of three days per week instead of waxing.

Does Hair Grow Back Differently After Shaving Your Head?

No, it doesn’t. Some people mistakenly think that shaving can change the hair’s thickness, rate of growth, or color.

However, the truth is that shaving some parts of your head and other parts of your body can give the hair a blunt tip, which might feel coarse for a short period. As the hair grows, it might appear thicker or darker, but that’s never the case.

How Long Does It Take to Shave Head?

It might take roughly 30 minutes the first time you shave. However, with time and practice, you can reduce the time to close to 10 minutes.

Is It Better To Shave Before Or After A Shower?

The best part about shaving after your shower is the efficiency of shaving. When we shower, the steam causes the pores on our heads to open up, giving us easy access to the hair follicles, thus resulting in a much closer shave. Shaving after your shower is also much better for those with sensitive skin.


You can now see how to choose when to shave your head and the potential side effects of the preferred frequency.

For example, if you want to shave every day, you may end up with dry skin that peels, nicks, and cuts, especially if you don’t use the right razor and moisturize your scalp after every shave.

If you want to keep your head bald but can’t shave every day, you can choose one of the above hair removal methods that best suits you. Now that you know when to shave your head and how to do it safely, you can go ahead and create your shaving schedule.

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