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How Long Does Shaving Cream Last

Like anything else, even non-organic shaving cream won’t last forever. Although shaving cream can make or break your shaving, using an expired one can make shaving a nightmare for you. Continue reading to find out how long shaving cream lasts on average. 

How Long Does Shaving Cream Last?

Like every other shaving product, shaving creams also have a specific life span that differs from others. In general, shaving creams last for different periods based on the type and composition as well as other factors.

On average, a regular shaving cream lasts up to 2-3 years, depending on your frequency of use. Usually, shaving creams have expiry dates written on them, which makes it easy to know how long that shaving cream will last. 

If not, you can see the signs of a bad shaving cream that tells you it’s time to buy new shaving cream.

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Signs That Tell You Shaving Cream is About To Expire

1. Performance

If you’ve ever used shaving cream, you can’t deny how smooth and fresh your skin feels after shaving.

As the cream gets old, it loses its performance and doesn’t blend well with every type of razor while shaving. If that’s the case, shaving cream will not do a great job, which means no more protection from harsh razor cuts and nicks.

2. Composition

For different uses, shaving creams are made with unique compositions depending on the brand of shaving cream you choose. 

This means better quality ingredients will make shaving cream last longer than the ones with low-quality ingredients.

Besides the main ingredients, the manufacturers also include ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and other scents for freshness. Also, shaving creams with high percentages of stearic acid and glycerine are more prone to environmental moisture and last less than the average.

3. Odor

The odor of your shaving cream says a lot about its lifespan. As stated earlier, most shaving creams include pleasant scents that make them smell fresh and nice, but the scent loses its effect over time, making your cream smell bad.

At this point, you know that your shaving cream has gone bad, and it’s time for a change.

Due to the scents, a best practice is to store shaving cream in a safe place where it’s not exposed to moisture.

4. Brand

When buying shaving cream, you have to do your homework by reading customer reviews and ratings. 

It’s very important to check what the users of this shaving cream have to say about the life span of these shaving creams.

For this purpose, make sure you choose a reliable shaving forum where shaving enthusiasts share unbiased shaving experiences about their cream.

Why does Shaving Cream Expire?

Now that you know the signs when shaving cream goes bad, let’s find out why shaving cream goes bad and how to make it last longer. 

Even though there are many reasons why shaving creams go bad, not every reason will answer your question of why shaving cream goes bad. 

1. Handling

It is common to see users complaining about their shaving creams going bad before the expiry date. It is probably because of poor handling and not taking care of creams.

Like your skin, your shaving equipment also needs after-shaving care, which most people don’t do. As a result, the shaving cream loses its effect and gets exposed to moisture before expiration. 

If you don’t know how to care for your shaving cream. 

  1. Store your shaving cream in a safe place at a moderate temperature.  
  2. Keep the cream away from contact with water. 
  3. Never leave the tube of the cream open, or else it might interact with bacteria in the air.  
  4. Do not put your hands in the cream; instead, squeeze the tube to get the desired quantity of cream.

2. Shelf-life

Like every product (particularly the shaving ones), the creams used in shaving also have a specified shelf life, commonly known as an expiry date.

Once your product has reached its expiry date or has completed its shelf life, it starts to go bad and loses its effect.

If you don’t know what the expiry date means, it’s the period after you have opened the tube of your cream. In most cases, the shaving creams have their expiry dates written on the back or at the bottom.  

For example, post-shave shaving creams usually have a shelf life of 3 to 4 years before opening.

How Long Does Shaving Cream Stay Foamy?

In most shaving creams, there are ingredients like glycerine, stearic acid, lanolin, and others that make them stay foamy. When the shelf-life of these ingredients ends, the cream starts losing its creamy and dense foam structure, giving signs of an expired cream.

How Long Does Shaving Gel Last?

Shaving gels are anhydrous products which mean the water molecules in the product dry out over time. They have a similar shelf life to shaving creams which is approximately 2-3 years.

How Many Shaves Are In A Can of Shaving Cream?

In terms of applications, jar-like shaving creams are more likely to last earlier than tube-like shaving creams as they can be tightly closed after use.

A regular can of shaving cream can help you completely up to 50-70 lathers, depending on the quantity you take in each shave.

How Long Does Shaving Soap Last?

Shaving soaps are a solid form of shaving lubricant and are far more durable than regular liquid shaving creams.

As per observations, shaving soaps don’t go bad but lose their scent and effect over time. As a good rule of thumb, you can use quality shaving soap for up to 6 months, after which it will not make enough lather that can cover the face.

Can I Use Expired Shaving Cream?

As this is highly unsafe it is best not to. Some creams are considered safe to use after expiry with no negative effects but in some cases, using expired shaving cream can cause terrible burns and irritation that can damage the skin as well as hair.

How Long Does Shaving Cream Last If Unopened?

The thicker a shaving cream is, the longer it will probably last, so if unopened, thicker shaving creams can go years without spoiling- about 5 years on average with the maximum time limit being up to ten years.

How Do I Know My Shaving Cream Is Original?

Check the shaving cream packaging, and high-quality brands invest in sturdy packaging that is intended to stay intact through its process from manufacturing to retail. Look for tamper-proof features and their data to recognize genuine products.


The truth is, shaving cream doesn’t last forever, but it can stay for a while if you take proper care of it. For this reason, always check the expiration date of your shaving cream and buy it from a trustworthy brand. 

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