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Jimmy Darmody Hiar Cut

Jimmy’s trademark “slicked-back Undercut” was on screen in the tv series Boardwalk Empire by actors Michael Pitt and Edmund Hochegger, who both had their hair done in the same way.

Shortly after the show’s premiere, the Los Angeles Times reported a spike in demand for Jimmy’s haircut, which is a trimmed buzz-cut that is short on the sides and long on the top, with the hair swept back from the forehead, at barbershops across the United States.

About Jimmy Darmody

James Edison Darmody is a mythical figure in the tv series Boardwalk Empire, played by Michael Pitt. He plays a key role in the first two seasons of the series and has a lot of screen time.

Jimmy Darmody hair

Though the rest of the characters in the series are based on actual figures, Jimmy isn’t. His appearance may be influenced by the protégé of Atlantic City politician and political boss Nucky Johnson, however.

As a result of the demand for Jimmy’s haircut, from 2010 until the present, Boardwalk Empire has gotten top-tier treatment. In recognition of its widespread popularity among Germans during Adolf Hitler’s reign in Nazi Germany, the slick-backed Undercut is infamously known as the SS haircut (it was a popular hairstyle in continental Europe at the time).

Things You Should Know About The Man Bun Undercut

The man bun hairstyle is not difficult to achieve; all that is required is hair that is 6 inches long on top of the head. This style of hairdo is typically worn by men who favor one of the following three cuts:

  • The Undercut;
  • The layered cut; or
  • The taper cut.

Here are important things you should know about The Man Bun Undercut;

  • When you wish to style a bun, you can trim up to six inches of hair without thinking too hard, but you won’t be able to tie a bun until you have at least six inches of hair remaining.
  • The Jimmy Darmody man bun is a variation of the slicked-back undercut, and transitioning from this style to the man buns should not be too difficult. It may, however, be used as an overthrow for guys who like a low-maintenance style.
  • The slicked-back undercut only allows you to wear a semi-bun (also known as a half-man bun) since the hair on the sides and back of your head is chopped extremely short, much like the standard undercut haircut
  • You can see a great example of the man bun on Michael Pitt’s Jimmy Darmody hairstyle in the television series Boardwalk Empire, as earlier mentioned, which is slicked back with an undercut. Just on top of his head, his hair is long enough to be smoothed back, and also on the sides and back of his neck, it is short enough to make a shallow undercut.
  • A man bun can cause hair to grow up to 10 inches or more in length. For those who don’t want their hair to be too long, try having a fashionable undercut on the sides and the back of your head while maintaining the top layer at least 6 inches long. Other men’s haircuts, such as slicked-back hair, benefit from this haircut in addition to the widely recognized “bro bun.”

How To Get The Jimmy Darmody Men’s Haircut

If you want to achieve the haircut from Boardwalk Empire, you’ll need a hair clipper with a guard so that you can give yourself an Undercut cut and a strong holding pomade so that you can smooth your hair back.How To Get The Jimmy Darmody Men's Haircut

If you want a hair clipper that will endure for a long time, it is preferable to invest in a high-quality device.

The trendiest men’s haircuts are constantly evolving, and here are some helpful hints from the pros on how to pull it off successfully.

If you want to request this haircut from a barber, it is advisable to go with the following description;

  • It is referred to as an undercut by certain people. So you can simply say you want an undercut.
  • Others have referred to it as the Jimmy, the Darmody, or even the Michael Pitt. On some requests, it is the haircut of the young man with the limp on that old-timey HBO series, among other things. So describing the haircut of the movie star would do too.
  • You can also ask for a cut that is shorter through the sides, clipped up all the way, disconnected, and left with length through the top.
  • Alternatively, you can show a photo or snap a photo of the look.

How To Take Care Of Jimmy Darmody Haircut

The experts all agree that applying a hair product is essential, especially if the hair on top of the head is left as long and swept back as dramatically as Pitt’s character’s hair is.

How To Take Care Of Jimmy Darmody Haircut

Francesca Paris, the stylist who designed the haircut, utilizes American Crew’s Grooming Cream to keep Jimmy Darmody’s hair in place. You can check out our review of American Crew Pomade to learn more.

Michael Pitt was able to pull off the Darmody coif because it was custom-made for him and was modeled on the men’s hairstyles that were popular in the 1920s at the time.

However, even if your head shape or hair type doesn’t naturally fit a Darmody-style haircut, don’t fret. A professional stylist can still assist you in achieving the perfect replica of this look.

Slicked Back Undercut

This is currently one of the best hairstyles for men. It pairs a slick back with an undercut to style an easy yet trendy look.

The style involves short hair on the sides and back cut with longer hair on top that is normally brushed as a slick back.

Many variations also exist and some of those you can try with this style include short, medium, or long slick back hair on top. How long you leave it will depend on how far you want it to sweep back. Also, you can get traditional undercut, disconnected undercut, or undercut fade.

Final Note

According to Mastey, the rate at which hair grows varies from person to person (and even season to season), but most guys visit the barber every three to four weeks for a trim. A guy who chooses the more severe form of the Darmody with the sides trimmed extremely short could expect to see the light of his barbershop’s door approximately every two weeks.

If it is any comfort, most women think that Jimmy Darmody’s haircut can look very ht on some men. If you get it right with your professional barber, you may probably have people fawning over how good you look in it.

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