Can You Use 3 In 1 Oil on Hair Clippers?




Can You Use 3 In 1 Oil on Hair Clippers

Buying a hair clipper is not enough to get a clean and safe cut. It’s equally important to oil them regularly and keep them under good maintenance. But, do you need any special oil to keep them lubricated or can you just use the popular  3 in 1 oil? 

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It is not advisable to use 3 in 1 oil on your hair clipper because 3 in 1 oil is very thick and so not ideal for your cutting blades. Moreover, in addition to mineral oil, 3 in 1 oil also contains petroleum distillates that are harmful to the skin.3 in 1 oil to oil hair clippers

You should only use factory-recommended (tested) clipper oils for your clipper. In any case, there are arguments for and against using 3 in 1 oil for your hair clippers, and we wi discuss them below. 

What is 3 in 1 Oil?

3 in 1 oil is a popular household lubricating and cleaning oil since 1894. The oil combines a versatile formula that cleans grime and lubricates moving parts.

It can even penetrate rust. Generally, people use it to protect tools and equipment.

Is It Suitable To use 3 in 1 oil On The Hair Clippers?

There are a number of oils that people recommend to lubricate and clean your hair clipper but not all of them offer effective cleaning and lubricating.

Using 3 in 1 oil for your hair clippers has actually proved helpful in cleaning the hair clippers from all dirt and stuck hair.

However, 3 in 1 oil is very thick and contains some petroleum distillates that are not safe for your skin. In fact, prolonged exposure to petroleum distillates is known to cause skin drying or cracking, a condition known as dermatitis. 

What Will 3 In One Oil Do For Your Hair Clippers?  

  • 3 in one oil works as the best lubricating agent that helps in reducing friction between the sharp cutting blade and the base plate.   
  • They’re usually less viscous and can easily stay on the clippers for deep cleaning between the multiple thin blades and handle.   
  • 3 in one oil is non-detergent oil which means they don’t leave stains or a foul smell after cleaning.   
  • Not only it can clean, lubricate and protect the hair clippers but also prevents rust formation in contact with water.   
  • Also, it offers excellent heat resistance and is extensively used as a heavy oil on hot motors and machines. Thus, you can safely use it on your hair clipper to quickly cool down its heated motor after continued use.    

Why It Is Important to Oil the Hair Clippers? 

Ask any shaving enthusiast about the importance of oiling the hair clippers and you’ll be amazed at its importance.

Oiling the hair clippers is definitely an important part of their regular maintenance.

By oiling them regularly, you get fully assured of a ‘perfect shave’ by smoothly gliding the clipper on your face.

With that said, let’s find out some of the incredible benefits of oiling the hair clipper.   

  • Using quality oil can increase the lifespan of your hair clipper by improving its strength to shave more effectively than before.   
  • Lubricating them every month enhances the clipper’s performance and efficiency to offer smooth shaving next time. For example, an unlubricated clipper will start pulling your hair
  • A majority of the hair clippers present in the market are made up of metal and are likely to get rust over time. Therefore, oiling the hair clippers is a great help in keeping them safe as well as protected from extra wear and tear.   
  • When oiled, hair clippers work smoothly even for longer running times with reduced interruptions and unpleasant noise. 

Alternatives To 3 in 1 Oil For Your Clipper

A straight mineral or vegetable oil is a safer option for oiling your clipper. As compared to 3 in 1 oil, they don’t cause skin irritation in case of touching the skin.

When Should I Oil My Clippers?

It is highly recommended to oil your clippers regularly – typically after every shave. Oiling your clippers regularly will make them durable and safe for you to use.

To oil your clippers, hold the unit in such a way that the blades are in a downward position.

Once they are in this position, dispense about 2 or 3 drops across the top blade.

Ensure you wipe off any excess oil.

Do You Need Special Oil for Hair Clippers?

No, you don’t need special oil for hair clippers. Some experts say any lightweight carrier can get the job done perfectly.

All you have to ensure is that it can withstand high temperatures because the blades tend to create friction that causes heat.

It’s recommended to use a generic olive oil brand.


Overall, 3 in 1 oil can be used to oil the hair clipper but it’s better to look for a more natural alternative. Whichever oil you choose, make sure it performs the main function- cleaning plus not making the hair clipper slippery while shaving.   

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