Can Gray Hair Be Turned Black Naturally?




turn gray hair black naturally

Some people say that gray hair is a sign of experience and wisdom. Have you ever heard that? Many seniors often want others to see the unique color of their hair to attract some respect.

In some cases, they pay lots of money to ensure the gray color is visible. However, the majority of young people cover their heads to hide any signs of graying hair by dyeing it.

So, many young and even some older people ask the question can gray hair be turned black naturally? This is why many men use beard dye for example.

The fact is gray hair will not turn black naturally. Your best option is to use a natural hair dye to dye your gray hair black.

turning gray hair black

You may have wondered why they do this. Quite simply, most people do not want to associate with anything that may make them look old. Unfortunately, for them, gray hair does.

Why Is Your Black Hair Turning Gray?

If you had the opportunity to look at the root of every strand of your hair, you would find that a tube of tissue surrounds each of them. This tissue is known as the follicle, and it contains pigment cells that make melanin.

This is the chemical that gives all your growing shafts their natural color. If you are black, this chemical is giving the shaft a black color.

So, you know what happens if you are white – you don’t have a lot of melanin.

black hair turning gray

As you grow old, the melanin pigment in the cells die gradually. As a result, you may notice that the color of your hair also changes gradually to gray.

For some people, this color changes to silver or white. But as the number of pigment cells continues to die off, their hair eventually becomes completely gray.

But have you ever watched children get gray hair? It actually happens across the world. Some people begin to experience this shift as early as when they are in high school.

This change is often more noticeable in young people with dark skin simply because it stands out. It usually takes a long time for their entire hair to turn grey.

Your genes actually determine how early your hair will get gray. If melanin began to die off in your father’s hair at the age of 30, for example, it may happen to you as well. However, you have a few solutions. You can reverse the color of your hair from gray to black by using several natural remedies.

If your beard has turned fully white, we also have a separate article on how to convert your white beard to black naturally.

How to Slow the Process – Turning Gray Hair To Black Naturally

So can gray hair be turned black naturally? Surely, let’s see how! Here are some of the natural remedies that you can try to turn your black hair to gray naturally:

  • Onion Juice

This juice can do you wonders. It has a high content of sulfur, allicin, and other essential elements, which gives it the power to treat your graying hair or reverse the process and turn it to black.

Other than providing the necessary nourishment, it reduces inflammation and removes hydrogen peroxide, which is the leading cause of this type of change. Onions are also excellent for hair health and growth.

onions hair growth gray hair

For the best outcome, you may have to use henna in conjunction with onion juice. It will serve as a perfect natural conditioner.

What’s more, it will also act like a dye. If you want to restore your dark skin color, simply choose a dark shade. Here’s my favorite henna power.

How do you apply the mixture? Message it into your own scalp. Once you do that, leave your hair unattended to for about two hours. Consequently, wash it as usual. Repeat this process every week if you want to reap the results in about 4 months.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another perfect remedy for lots of your hair problems. It will turn your hair black instead of gray within a short time.

This oil contains lots of capric and caprylic acids, which are some of the best antioxidants and disinfectants out there. If you want a compound that has low molecular weight and can penetrate your hair shaft with ease, this is what you have been looking for.

coconut oil for hair

Due to these unique qualities, this oil is known as the easiest-to-use method. You can apply it directly onto your skin.

Or, if you want, mix it into your shampoo. Irrespective of the way that you prefer, you should leave the oil for between 15 and 30 minutes. In fact, there are many hair oils out there made from coconut oil if you want to prevent the unsavory odor of raw coconut oil in your hair.

I particularly like the Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

But there is another way you can try if you want a more intense treatment of your gray hair.

Once you have applied a small amount of this oil, wrap your hair in a towel and leave it for the whole night. Repeat this, and you will be able to reverse your gray hair to black naturally.

  • Black Strap Molasses

Molasses offer you another great way to reverse your graying hair and bring it back to its original black.

This thick dark-colored liquid is obtained during the process of making sugar. Once you remove the sugar crystals, the remains are what is called blackstrap molasses.

You can get it in large quantities in other places too. It is available in minerals such as selenium, iron, manganese, and copper. If you use the first three, you will be able to preserve your natural hair pigments, which means you will prevent your hair from turning gray.

molasses for gray hair

If you use copper, you will experience an increase in the production of these pigments. Besides, you will have healthier hair growth. As such, if you notice the first few gray hairs, you can use copper to reverse the process.

Do you know how you should use the blackstrap molasses? Eat a tablespoon every alternate day for a few weeks or months.

Take the one that is derived from sugar cane juice, not beet sugar, for the best outcome. I recommend this brand of molasses.

Is There Any Permanent Solution to Grey Hair?

While there are lots of ways to cover up gray hair, there is no permanent solution to turn it back.

However, you can try natural remedies like turmeric powder mixed with milk cream which works effectively on your grey hair without any side effects.

Another effective remedy for grey hair is amla oil or Indian gooseberry juice which helps in growing new black hairs instead of just camouflaging the white ones.

Amla oil gives an instant shine and also conditions your scalp preventing further damage due to sun rays or harsh weather conditions.

It leaves a cool feeling along with curbed dandruff problems if used regularly twice a week before shampooing.

What Causes Premature Greying?

If your hair is graying at the age of 25, it’s probably because of your genes. Melanin-producing pigment cells are found in your hair follicles, and these cells normally cause premature greying of hair.

Melanin is a pigment found in your hair. When your body’s production of melanin comes to an end, your hair changes color to white, grey, or silver.

Final Thoughts

So, still asking the question can gray hair be turned black naturally? Likely not. There are several natural remedies for your graying hair. But if you have been wondering where to start, this guide does not leave you hanging.

It gives you a few easy-to-find and implement solutions. They also have no side effects. However, you need to bear in mind that most natural remedies often take a long period to work. As such, be patient.

And if by any chance your gray hair proves stubborn to treatment, just remember that many people are paying lots of money to turn their hair gray.

They go this mile to earn some respect, as gray hair is associated with wisdom. Lastly, remember, we need to take care of ourselves, choose the right treatment methods, and be happy for who we are to lead healthy lives.

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