Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin in 2021

Are there gray areas in your beard you want to conceal? Or perhaps you’d like to keep a little of the gray but maintain a mostly black appearance for your beard.Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

Yes, for most men getting greybeards is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

With a good dye, for instance, you’ll be able to restore your beard’s black color, but which one do you use?

Well, we’re here to help you out as we have the best beard dye for sensitive skin, starting with our #1 recommendation, the Blackbeard for Men 3-Pack.


Top 3 Best Beard Dyes For Sensitive Skin

Best Overall
Blackbeard for Men Formula X Instant Mustache, Beard, Eyebrow and...
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Best Unisex
1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color / Dye - 150 Grams - Henna for...
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Best For Brunnette
RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (NATURAL BROWN) .5oz
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Now, let’s see the best dye for sensitive skin reviews.

1. Best Overall: Blackbeard for Men 3-Pack (Black)

The Blackbeard Beard Dye is not your typical dye, as it’s been formulated to be more effective and gives you full control over your beard’s appearance.

With the Blackbeard you just need to apply it and not worry about getting skin irritation.

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  • Blackbeard for Men is not your regular dye, as it is more of a brush on color for your facial hair. You can apply it on your mustache, eyebrows, sideburns, and beard. All you have to do is brush a bit of the Blackbeard on and you’re ready.
  • Waterproof: the Blackbeard is water-resistant so it won’t come off even if you get caught up in a downpour. With other beard dyes you have to be wary of getting wet, but not with the Blackbeard.
  • Hypoallergenic: as we have noted above the Blackbeard has been formulated so it’s hypoallergenic. Other beard dyes are notorious for causing skin irritation and itchiness, so this is more efficient.
  • The Blackbeard formula is 100% free of harsh chemicals. Even so, Blackbeard for Men doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance and results.
  • You can apply the formula in seconds and the effect is good for the whole day.
  • The application doesn’t take a long time to use. You won’t breathe any harsh chemicals, there’s no need to wear gloves and it only takes a few seconds to use.
  • The Blackbeard lets you keep as much gray hair as you want. Others prefer leaving a bit of gray behind because it “looks natural”, while others want to remove all traces, it’s up to you.
  • You can also use the Blackbeard to fill up gaps or used for your stubble or thin beards.
  • A 3 pack of Blackbeard is going to last 12 weeks, assuming you’ve got a neatly trimmed beard. You can also purchase a 6 pack, a single pack, or the 13 Max Pack.
  • The Blackbeard is available in black, brown-black, dark brown, auburn, and brown.
  • Very effective in removing gray hair
  • Can be washed off with water and soap
  • Doesn’t cause skin irritation
  • Can be used with a dye or on its own
  • No messy application
  • Works better for short than long beards
  • One customer said the color doesn’t last long
Blackbeard for Men Formula X Instant Mustache, Beard, Eyebrow and...
144 Reviews
Blackbeard for Men Formula X Instant Mustache, Beard, Eyebrow and...
  • GRAY HAIRS BEGONE: Wipe out all the gray, or leave some if you like. Color your whole beard,...
  • EASY TO USE: Just brush it on. Takes around a minute. Convenient, on-the-go. No mixing of harsh,...
  • LOOK YOUNGER IN SECONDS: Take years off your appearance. No need to worry your gray facial hair...

Who is it Best For?

Blackbeard for Men is best suited for men with short beards, and even those with long beards can find it useful if enough is applied.

This is also for those on a budget because you only have to apply a little to see the full effect.

Also, Blackbeard for Men is best for men with sensitive skin as its hypoallergenic formula has been proven effective.


Blackbeard for Men, true to its claim, is not your standard dye as it’s more effective. Whether you want to completely remove any traces of gray hair or leave parts of it, the Blackbeard gets it done.dye sensitive skin for beard

2. Best Natural Look: Organic & Natural Brown Beard Dye by Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

The Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye is getting a lot of positive feedback thanks to its natural and organic formula.

Yes, the trend among skin products today is to go organic and natural, but not all of them are. However, the Grizzly Beard Dye is among those that do work.

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  • This beard dye for men with sensitive skin has a natural look and feel to it.
  • This natural dye is permanent, unlike those used in other products. When you apply the Grizzly it won’t come off unless it’s shaved off. Other dyes are no more than mascara so this has a more permanent effect.
  • This is 100% chemical-free, which is the reason why you don’t feel any side effects.
  • Its organic properties ensure the dye doesn’t smudge or look too well placed.
  • The Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye is extracted from natural plants. When you apply the Grizzly, the color remains on your beard’s surface. It doesn’t enter your hair follicles, reducing the possibility of skin irritation.
  • The Grizzly doesn’t apply color uniformly, ensuring they don’t appear forced or unnatural. Instead, color is applied on the gray area naturally. Color is also set in various shades so everything looks natural.
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t cause any side effects
  • WaterproofChemical free doesn’t cause skin irritation
  • One customer said the formula took too long to take effect
  • For some people, the dye makes their beard’s color look uneven
Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye - Organic & Natural Dark Brown Beard Dye
745 Reviews
Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye - Organic & Natural Dark Brown Beard Dye
  • The Original Beard Dye: Permanent, 100% organic and chemical free
  • Little chance of irritation/Hypoallergenic: Gentle, natural alternative to harsh drugstore brand...
  • Fine herbal powder rendered from fresh Emblic, False Daisy, Neem Tree, Henna and indigo: Nothing...

Who is it Best For?

The Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye is for men who prefer a natural look to their beard dye. Men with sensitive skin are also going to appreciate its hypoallergenic properties as it’s not going to cause redness or skin rash.

The Grizzly dye is also ideal for men with coarse beards and prone to allergies. If you’re afraid of using beard dyes because of your sensitive skin, the Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye is a good option.


The Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye is as natural as claimed, and it doesn’t cause any unpleasant side effects either.

There is stiff competition in the field, but the Grizzly Dye holds up its own as far as giving as getting of the grays in your beard is concerned. For men who like their dyes natural and organic, look the Grizzly up.


3. Top Rated: Godefroy Color Tint Kit Medium (Brown)

Beard dyes which are ideal for touch-ups (for covering just a few gray hairs) as well as for covering your beard completely as you wish are usually preferred by many.

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That’s the reason we recommend Godefroy’s Color Tint Kit; it is versatile enough to work on different kinds of beards while making you look natural. We love this beard dye for other reasons too.


  • This beard and mustache dye for sensitive skin has many natural ingredients and does not contain ammonia (which may damage hair and result in skin irritation if large doses are used.
  • It lasts long and is considered as a permanent dye because a single application can last you several weeks.
  • It can be used on your sideburns as well as on shorter beards like a goatee.
  • A single Godefroy Color Tint package contains up to 20 applications, which is considered a great value for its price, and in fact, an excellent long-term investment.
  • The dye’s natural brown coloring can be adjusted by how long it stays. The longer it remains on your beard, the darker it will appear. Also, it works effectively on extremely color-resistant beards and doesn’t apply patchily, but evenly.
  • The dye kit comes with both developer and color capsules. You’ll mix the developer with capsule powder and allow it to sit for a short while before you apply it to your beard.
  • Good for dyeing your beard completely or covering spots
  • Each kit contains up to 20 applications
  • Natural and ammonia-free
  • The formula may drip, as it feels a little thin
Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit, Medium Brown, 20...
2,518 Reviews
Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit, Medium Brown, 20...
  • 20 application kit can be used on beards, mustaches, side burns, temples, anywhere you need a little...
  • Root touch up to cover gray hair.
  • Complete kit. Everything you need included to get started.

Who’s It Best For?

The Godefroy’s Color Tint Kit is suitable for men who love to do touch-ups (cover a few gray hairs) on their beards as well as cover their entire beards.

Its versatility makes it suitable for all kinds of beards, even color-resistant ones.


This Godefroy’s Color Tint Kit is the favorite of most barbers and works well for every dye job, small or big.

It’s one of the best men’s dyes for sensitive skin. Applying it is easy, and one application can last for several weeks.

beard dye sensative skin

4. Best For Brunnette: RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (Natural Brown)

RefectoCil Hair Dye is a natural dye that works perfectly on eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as on beard hair. It is excellent for mostly natural brunette hair.

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Also, it is less irritating than many other beard dyes, this feature makes it one of the best facial colors for sensitive skin. But you should as well take a patch test with it just to ensure that you do not have any allergic reaction to the dye.


  • It is a more permanent alternative compared to similar dyes. A single application should last about 6 weeks. This implies that you’ll have the convenience of not reapplying it frequently.
  • It is a natural brown
  • It is versatile
  • It is recommended to allow the dye set for about ten minutes before jumping into your shower. That may be a bit longer period of waiting than with some other dyes, but it is worth it for the type of natural brown look that it gives your beard
  • One application can last you over 6 weeks, if not more
  • You have to buy the developer and dye separately as they do not usually come together in the same package.
  • Doesn’t cause as much irritation as other dyes
  • Easy to apply
  • Long-lasting
  • The tube is small (although you’ll only have to use the dye every six weeks or more)
RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (NATURAL BROWN) .5oz
3,569 Reviews
RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (NATURAL BROWN) .5oz
  • Please Note: Developer is not included with this product, it needs to be purchased separately.
  • Natural Brown No. 3 is a strong and versatile opaque brown that creates the most natural brunette...
  • Natural brown lashes and brows. Mixable with all 8 RefectoCil tints. Smudge- and waterproof. Lasts 6...

Who’s it Best for?

RefectoCil’s natural brown dye No. 3 is a versatile brown dye that’s ideal for men with natural brunette hairs. Also, it is suitable for men with sensitive skin.


RefectoCil’s Natural Brown No. 3 Hair Dye is perfect for almost all natural brunette hair colors and is versatile enough to perform well on eyebrows and eyelashes.

Also, it lasts longer and does not have to be re-applied frequently.

5. Best Unisex: Henna Guys Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color

There are some key things to note about the Henna Guys Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color – it does not work on black hair or lighten hair color.

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One thing you need to know about the Henna Guys Pack dye is that it works effectively in covering gray hair for men with dark brown and brown coloring.

Also, you should know that it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like pesticides, metallic salts, chemicals, and alcohol.


  • This beard and mustache dye for sensitive skin contains several natural ingredients that protect your skin and hair from damage, such as false daisy, neem, henna powder, and indigo powder.
  • The primary ingredient is Henna, a herb that is grown in India and is used for various purposes as well as other medicinal uses.
  • The powders are not up to 12 months, which implies that they are powerful with strong stains. They triple-sift the powders after manufacturing to ensure the smoothest and finest texture.
  • And there is more to like: it is versatile enough that it can be used on your mustache hair or head hair, and it is suitable for both women and men.
  • This beard and mustache dye for sensitive skin is contained in a 5.3oz aluminum foil bag which is sealed to last long. Each package comes with 50g of pure Henna and 100g of coloring (dark brown).
  • To achieve the best result, you should apply the Henna dye and leave it for 2 hours on your beard before rinsing it.
  • Contains no fillers
  • Excellent value
  • Natural ingredients
  • The application is not as easy as when compared with other dyes.
1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color / Dye - 150 Grams - Henna for...
8,331 Reviews
1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color / Dye - 150 Grams - Henna for...
  • 🌿 All Pure & Natural: This package includes Pure Henna Powder & Indigo Powder along with Natural...
  • 🌿 Best Value : 5.30 Oz Powder Packed in Huge Aluminum Foil Bag with airtight environment for...
  • 🌿 Friendly Reminder: This Henna Shade blend has been prepared to cover gray hair to Brown/Dark...

Who’s it Best for?

The Henna Guys Pack of Dark Brown Hair Color is versatile and can be used by men with dark brown and brown coloring. The gentle beard dye can be used by both men and women.


This Henna Guys Pack of Dark Brown Hair Color is certainly one of the best among natural beard dye. Among other Henna beard dyes available, this is the best moustache dye for sensitive skin; one product that works wonders!

Why Should You Dye Your Beard?

There is no way to reverse the aging process, and the years spent cannot be returned. But there are a few things that we can do to make ourselves appear younger – and dyeing the beard is one of such.

best mens hair dye for sensitive skin

Or, you probably just wish to change your beard’s color.

Whichever the case, you have likely pondered on the question of whether to dye your beard or not.

It’s always helpful to think about your reason for considering a beard dye, especially if you have sensitive skin.

On another note, be careful with your moustache. While dying your beard can be cool, dying your moustache may not be. In fact, many people consider moustaches creepy when dyed for example. Are mustaches creepy? That’s really up to you to decide but dying it can be a bit strange.

Every man has different preferences, but these are common reasons why many men consider beard dyes:

  • It’s An Aging Issue
    The gray hairs which pop up in the beard tend to reduce the confidence some men possess. Even though the gray hair phenomena does not come off as a direct blow to your self-esteem, you surely want to preserve that youthful look for as long as you possibly can. If aging is your reason and you have sensitive skin, then it’s important that you use a natural beard dye for sensitive skin, also known as hypoallergenic hair dye. Both simply refer to a gentle beard dye that doesn’t irritate the skin.

  • You Want To Change Your Look
    You are probably tired of the natural color of your beard, and you’re looking to have a change. Perhaps, you’re the kind who likes to rock his world, or the world of people around him, with a pink beard, or a navy blue beard. If you are one of such gentlemen, more power to your creativity. However, if you have sensitive skin and care about your look, it’s very important that you use a nonirritating beard dye or nonallergenic beard dye. Because many of these beard dyes are natural, they are the best option for turning gray hair black naturally.

  • It Is A Career/Job Thing
    Youth are often valued wherever they are, wrongly or rightly. The aging process can sometimes be a hindrance in the corporate world, and some choose to have their beards dyed to maintain that youthful look that’ll aid in preserving their job status. To do this, its important that you don’t irritate your skin or you will look older and less kempt. As such, a beard dye that doesn’t irritate skin is important for job seekers thinking about changing the color of their beard or moustache.

  • You’re Willing To Take The Time
    Your life won’t be consumed by dyeing your beard, but it will definitely take up some of your time and add a few minutes to your usual morning routine as well. Ensure that you are willing to go through the time commitment. That said, here’s one good news: a single application of a permanent dye can last for several weeks. And, if you have sensitive skin, save yourself the trouble and just use a proper beard dye for sensitive skin.

Buying Guide: 4 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Beard Dye

Purchasing the perfect beard dye that doesn’t irritate the skin shouldn’t be complicated, but it’s a process that needs to be handled with care.

Let us face it; it’s always obvious when you choose the wrong dye color.

beard and mustache dye for sensitive skin

Evidently, the dye can be washed out with various products; the only other options you have are to shave the beard or to wash it out for a few weeks gradually.

Of course, you do not want to shave your beard in a bid to correct an error from purchasing the wrong product.

So, consider these factors when purchasing a non-irritating beard dye, and you will not only look great, you can have it where it needs to be; on your face, not flushed down the sink.

The Color

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that the factor that is most essential when purchasing a facial dye is picking the perfect color.

But selecting the ideal men’s beard coloring for sensitive skin is not as simple as it may sound, and a wrong color match sometimes looks awful, i.e., “Wait, his beard is light brown, but the hair on his head is black?”

The standard colors of beard dye are blonde, red, brown, and black. But several tints and shades form part of the primary colors.

beard dye colour

Your intent determines the color chosen: if you’re looking to cover a few gray hairs, or aiming for an entirely different color of beard, here are few guidelines for selecting the right color: The natural hair (both on your head and facial) is composed of various colors.

In some situations, there are not many differences in color, but the shades work together to give an overall color. This makes choosing the correct beard dye color tricky because it’s easy to pick one that’ll make the beard remarkably darker.

Having graybeards can cause you to buy a dye with an overly dark shade. It will certainly obliterate gray hair, but, your beard’s general appearance will come off as unnatural.

So, the general rule of thumb is to select a color that is a bit lighter than the natural hair by some shades. However, if your beard color is somewhat lighter, it’ll look more natural than one that looks darker in appearance.

Men who have black hair should consider a dark brown facial dye or a shade that is slightly lighter than the original color, while men with blonde hair can choose dyes that are close to their original hair color.

Whenever you’re in doubt, you can try matching the color of the natural hair as close as you can. Remember that the color you pick will be with you for some time. Let your instincts direct you and be wary of purchasing a dye that is too dark.

Beard Dye Ingredients

One disadvantage of most beard dyes is the inclusion of ingredients that sound toxic, and are toxic, in some cases.

That is why natural ingredients are always preferred, and there are various beard coloring products for sensitive skin with organic and natural ingredients.

Ammonia is mostly used in facial hair color for sensitive skin as a hair cuticle opener, to allow penetration of the dye color into the hair follicle. However, you need to be careful as too large doses of ammonia can cause eye and skin irritation. Whenever you’re in doubt, try to consider going for the best hypoallergenic beard dye.

Permanent vs Non-Permanent Beard Dyes

Ensure to confirm if a beard dye package is non-permanent or permanent. Permanent dyes can last for many weeks, or even months, which may not be good if the color is not the perfect match for your beards.

Permanent or Non-Permanent

Permanent dyes are handy as they do not require much re-application, so it’s convenient to use.

Other kinds of beard dyes are semi-permanent – these will last for several weeks – while others are great for touch-ups and can easily wash out.

The kind of beard dye you choose depends on your preference. When you are just starting out and are not sure of what color suits your beard perfectly, you should probably opt for a beard dye that is less permanent.

Ease of Application

The beard dye you choose determines the ease of application. Ensure to check every information on how to apply the dye; be sure to have your mixing bowls, gloves, and other materials that may be needed.

By the time you are done gathering them, it may look like you just bought a do-it-yourself kit. But then, those kinds of beard dyes often last longer and are of better quality.

How To Dye Your Beard

Now, you’ve got your ideal beard dye – it is time for the real test – application of the dye to the beard you’ve lovingly nurtured and grown.

Is beard dyeing a complex process? No! Is it easy? Well… not quite easy.

dye beard beard dye for men with sensitive skin

There are several things to consider, as well as precautions you need to take before slapping some dye on your beard.

Let us break down the process into simple steps that will help you to avoid having beards that look like they’ve been splashed randomly with paint.

1. Choose Your Preferred Color: Beard dyeing involves choosing the right color. But it may be challenging to select the right color, and it may require a few trial and errors. For most people, the beard hair sometimes looks a little darker than the one on their head because it’s thicker – although not too much.

A great place to begin before choosing the right color is determining your overall mission; If you’re doing a simple touch-up, then pick a color that matches the color of your natural hair, or at least quite close.

If you have a full dye in order, then you are free to pick your favorite color.

Many men will choose a color that matches the color of their natural hair, but nothing should stop you from being a bit crazy and picking a color that stands alone.

It’s in your hands!

2. Perform a Sensitivity Check: Some dyes can cause skin irritation. So, doing a sensitivity check is essential before dyeing your beard.

Apply a small quantity of the dye on your forearm or at the back of your ear and leave it there for about a day.

If you do not notice any inflammation or redness after you have washed off the dye with water and soap, then you can go ahead with it.

3. Wash Your Beard: Use a quality shampoo or soap to wash your beard before starting. Don’t use a conditioner because it’ll make it more difficult for the dye to penetrate into your hair follicles. Here are soaps you can use for shaving.

4. Protect the Other Parts of Your Face from Getting Stained: Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly such as Vaseline around the beard on your skin to prevent it from being stained by the dye.

5. Prepare the Dye: It’s good advice to always “Follow the instructions” when mixing up the beard dye. Sometimes, you may have to mix the dye with an oxidant or water, and it is essential to mix it in the right proportion(s). Also, you should mix enough to fill your beard at a time.

6. Apply the Dye: Many dye kits usually come with applicators that possess a long handle which helps you to layer the dye across your beard evenly.

Stroking it up and down, ensure to cover every visible patch, including your sideburns and mustaches.

It is essential to apply the dye deeply into the beard, but avoid allowing the dye to make contact with your skin.

If the dye kit does not come with an applicator, you can use a mascara brush or toothbrush to apply the beard dye. Please, do not use the same toothbrush that’s used for brushing your teeth.

Pro tip: It is advisable to wear rubber gloves or any other kind of protection before applying the beard dye. This will protect your hands from irritation and stains.

7. Leave the Dye in until It Reaches the Desired Color: After application, the beard dye will start working within minutes. It may take between 20 to 30 minutes for the beard dye to “start off,” so you need to be patient. For darker beards, you may need to apply the dye a second time to get the perfect depth.

8. Rinse out the Excesses: As soon as you are satisfied with the color of your beard, you can rinse off the excess dye using water. This will help to create a natural tint.

9. Shampoo, if Required: If your beard looks too dark, you should apply shampoo before the dye dries up. Just be careful not to scrub away too much color than required.

10. Handle with Care: You do not want to handle the newly-dyed beard immediately because excess friction can wipe off the coloring. Lightly rinse it when showering, and comb it out gently with a nice beard comb or your fingers, so the color will remain intact. Here are some more tips on caring for your beard.

Additional Points You Should Bear in Mind

  • Do not rinse the beard with hot water as it is likely to fade off the dye
  • Wait until the beard is dry before you apply products such as oils or lotions.

Check here for more tips on caring for your beards

What Is The Difference Between Hair Dye And Beard Dye?

Arent they all beard coloring products for sensitive skin? Well, the difference is not much. Most of the chemicals found in hair dyes are also present in beard dyes, but there are a few slight differences.

Otherwise, there’s no point in using a beard dye if a hair dye can do the same work.

best beard dye for sensitive skin

Most beard dyes are semi-permanent. This implies that instead of growing out, they wash out.

Gradually, the beard dye color will fade off as shampoo is being applied, but you can make the color last longer by rinsing (not shampooing) your beard.

Surely, you do not want to give up on shampooing your beard completely.

Although some people say that temporary hair dye is okay to use on the beard, it has the tendency to get runny when it’s wet (this is an issue you want to avoid).

The skin on your face is more sensitive than your scalp skin. While you need to get the dye to penetrate deeply into your facial hair, there is no need to scrub it on the skin like you would if a similar dye were applied on the scalp.

Also, the hair on your scalp is not as resistant and coarse as the hair on your beard. Beard dye manufacturers have this in mind and use different chemicals to give the same coloring effects as hair dyes.


If you’ve got a gray beard, the impulse is to shave it off, but there’s a point when that’s just not effective anymore.

With a beard dye, you can restore your beard to what it once was. Deciding what to buy can be difficult with so many options, which is why we chose these two.


We are a group of writers passionate about our grooming and overall look. This is why we share our best tips, tricks, and techniques to help you to keep that clean, smooth and gentlemanly look. We hope our tips will help you in some way.

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