Can You Use Regular Shaving Cream With a Straight Razor?




Can You Use Regular Shaving Cream With a Straight Razor

Shaving cream is undoubtedly a must-have ingredient to get a clean, smooth, and effortless wet shave. However, straight razors have special shaving cream requirements for a great shaving experience. So, can you use regular shaving cream (meaning canned shaving cream) with straight razors?

Yes, you can use regular shaving cream (canned shaving cream) with a straight razor, but there are much better options. Regular or canned shaving cream doesn’t do good prep, so it’s best that you use “true lather” made with a shaving brush from shaving soap or shaving cream and water.

Let’s explain this further.

Is It Okay to Use Regular Shaving Cream with A Straight Razor? 

It’s not easy to master the art of shaving with a straight razor especially when it comes to choosing the right shaving lubricant.Canned Shaving Cream With a Straight Razor

Like other razors, straight razors also need a quality shaving cream that can help the razor easily glide over the skin. However, many men find it hard to choose between a regular shaving cream or special safety razor creams for the ultimate perfect shave.

While regular shaving cream works well with regular razors, it doesn’t work well with straight razors.

To put it simply, below is a list of reasons why you should avoid using regular shaving creams when shaving with a straight razor.    

Why Should You Use Regular Shaving Creams with A Straight Razor?  

Regular shaving creams can be used with any razor type without any major issues. However, they are the ideal choice for many men who have just entered the world of shaving and don’t want to spend much.

A lot of men avoid using regular shaving creams as the chemicals present in them can cause painful skin irritation and other problems. With that said, let’s find out how regular shaving cream works with straight razors. 

  • Regular Shaving Creams Are Too Thick: The majority of regular shaving creams are thick in consistency and spread evenly on the shaving area. They may also stick to safety razor blades and make both the shaving and cleaning process hard. Remember,   true lather contains more water than canned foam. 
  • Regular Shaving Creams Cannot Make a True Lather: Also known as canned shaving creams, using them before shaving cannot make true lather on the skin. As a result, the straight razor doesn’t glide over the skin and may cause cuts and nick during shaving.   
  • Regular Shaving Creams Don’t Create A Smooth Enough Surface: Straight razors comparatively need more smoothness on the skin throughout shaving and the smoothness needs to last longer. Normal shaving creams don’t work well when mixed with water and stay on the skin for smooth and safe shaving. With true lather, you can really hold the razor against the stubble and provides more cushion and glide than canned foam.
  • Regular Shaving Creams Contain Harmful Chemicals: Properly shaving with a straight razor will relieve you from the strain of getting harmful skin infections. But, using regular shaving creams that have high chemical content can invite bacteria and dirt to enter the skin.   

Why Straight Razor Shaving Creams Are a Better Choice?  

There are a number of incredible straight razor creams that can give you a silky, clean, and pleasant shaving experience.

These shaving creams are specially formulated with fewer chemicals to satisfy the need of shaving with a straight razor.

Not only do straight razor creams make excellent true lather but also get well along with the water and razor that you’ll use.

In addition, it’s great for almost all skin types. In short, these tailor-made creams are perfect for single-blade straight razors plus contain natural ingredients to ensure safety throughout the shaving.   

Can You Use a Straight Razor without Shaving Cream?

Yes, you can use a straight razor without shaving cream but it has its risks. That’s because it poses a risk of skin damage. The side effects of doing this include:

  • Razor burns – You will end up having red rashes after shaving without using shaving cream. These rashes normally appear red on the skin and their symptoms include burning, redness, stinging, and itching.
  • Nicks & cuts – When you shave without lather to apply on the areas you want to shave is a serious issue. You will end up having nicks and cuts, thereby increasing your risk of shaving injury. Without any lubrication during shaving, you won’t have any protection on your skin, which means you’ll end up hurting yourself.
  • Razor bumps – The third side effect is that you’ll have razor bumps while shaving. If you don’t prep your skin for the razor with a lubricant, you’ll more likely end up with shave irritation. Razor bumps are ingrown hairs that appear a few days after shaving. They occur when the hair breaks off unevenly and then curls back into the skin. This will result in a painful, acne-like bump.

Is Shaving with a Straight Razor Difficult?

No, shaving with a straight razor is easy and doesn’t require a lot of effort or force from your end. Most people can easily use straight razors because they are designed to make your work easier.

Regardless of whether you have sensitive skin or not, straight razors are ideal to use. However, you need to ensure you prep your skin first with a lubricant such as a shaving cream.


Using the right shaving cream clearly defines your ultimate shaving results and also decides the state in which you come out of the bathroom. Spending some extra few bucks to choose a quality straight razor shaving cream is not a bad deal in return for a perfect shave. 

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