Choosing the Best Single Blade Razors

There is more to choosing the best single blade razor than finding one that is popular or pretty. Just because some famous bald pawn broker advertises, doesn’t mean it is the best razor for you. You need a razor that is aggressive enough to tackle your facial hair, but not so aggressive that you are going to be cutting your face or irritating your skin. Additionally, you want one that is comfortable in your hand: well balanced and natural feeling. Before reading up on the best single blade razors available today, why not have a look at a few things to keep in mind while shopping.

Best single blade razors list

PictureName TypeSizePriceRating
Feather Popular 3-piece, DE3.9 inches; 3.2 ouces$4.4
Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Classic 3-piece, DE3.25 inches; 4 ounces$$4.6
Edwin Jagger DE89L 3-piece, DE3.8 inches; 2.1 ounces$$4.7
Parker 24C 3-piece, DE4 inches; 3.3 ounces$$4.5
Parker 45R Super Heavy Weight 3-piece, DE4 inches; 3.9 ouces$$$4.2

Razor Attributes

Single blade razors are simple pieces of equipment. They have an interchangeable handle, sometimes called the grip, and they have a head. There are only two types of handles across the wet shaving industry: short and long. A short handle is more forgiving, so new users do not have to worry about making simple mistakes and cutting their face. Long grip razors are meant for more aggressive shaving, usually for men who have coarse or thick facial hair to tackle. They can also be great for men who do not want to shave everyday and need to get through some tough stubble. They require more pressure to keep the head in consistent contact with your skin, so these razors are less forgiving.

Razor heads can have varying weights. You want to find one that is well balanced with the handle, yet is not so light that you must apply a lot of pressure to get a good shave. Another facet of the head is the type of cutting surface: is it smooth(straight) bar or open comb. A straight or smooth bar reduces the friction between the blade and your skin, so it is best for a novice or someone with sensitive skin. An open comb setup will guide your facial hair toward the blade. The blade is a few microns closer to your skin, so it cuts more closely, but is more apt to nick and irritate your skin. Open comb setups are best for heavy beards.

Razor Blades

Since you can not shave without a razor blade, they deserve some discussion. Razor blades are produced in varying degrees of sharpness, ranging from okay to samurai sword sharp. A great blade for beginners or people with sensitive skin is a Derby Extra. These blades are sharp, but not excessively so and are coated to reduce skin irritation. If you need to hack through a jungle each morning, Feather makes a blade that is so sharp you can cut lumber with it. Feather blades should only be used by experienced shavers who have coarse facial hair.

Best Single Blade Razors Review

Feather Popular

Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor

As mentioned earlier, Feather makes the sharpest blades on the market. The company also produces the Popular, a non-aggressive single blade that any novice can use comfortably, so long as they avoid Feather razor blades. The Feather Popular combines an inexpensive resin handle with metal butterfly doors for loading new blades. The short grip and balanced head provide a close shave without the fear of nicking. Novice users should pair this razor with a Derby Extra blade. If your facial hair is of a medium coarseness, you might want to try using Wilkinson Sword blades with this unit.

Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Classic 

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor The Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Classic is an entry level razor from one of the top brands in the industry. It features a short grip attached to a well proportioned head, offering a balance that should feel natural in anyone’s hands. The entire unit is made from a chrome-plated zinc alloy that will offer you a lifetime of close shaves. This is a forgiving razor that is capable of attacking most facial hair types. A novice may want to try a variety pack of razor blades before deciding on a single blade.

While Merkur offers a high quality product, you do need to be prepared for the atrocious customer service the company is infamous for. Luckily, very few buyers ever have to deal with it.

Edwin Jagger DE89L 

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor Moving on to more aggressive razors, Edwin Jagger is a great place to start because the company enjoys worldwide fame for its quality shaving products. The Edwin Jagger DE89L is a long grip razor that is also lightweight. The combination forces shavers to apply more pressure when shaving, allowing them to tackle coarser hair with ease. The most experienced shavers or men with thicker beards may want to pair this razor with a Kai or Feather blade.

Unfortunately, that added pressure can lead inexperienced users to nick themselves until they develop a better technique. Since this can be a long learning curve, the nicking can last awhile.

Parker 24C 

Parker 24C -Three Piece OPEN COMB Double Edge Safety Razor  The Parker 24C is an aggressive open comb, heavy-headed long grip razor. This is a single blade razor meant for men who have trouble keeping their beards under control. The close shave provided by this razor will keep your five o’clock shadow at bay.

The Parker 24C can irritate your skin if you are not careful. Be sure to lather heavily and begin by pairing this model with a medium sharp blade like the Wilkinson Sword. If that setup is not sharp enough, move to a Kai before jumping to a Feather.

Parker 45R Super Heavy Weight

Parker 45R Heavyweight Double Edge Safety RazorThe Parker 45R Super Heavy Weight is going to cut through any facial hair type like a scythe. If features a super heavy head paired to a long grip. The all brass construction makes this a durable, attractive unit for a lifetime of aggressive shaving.

Even the most experienced users need to be careful with this razor. Pairing it with a super sharp blade may be a mistake at first, so start with a Kai or Wilkinson Sword.

Final Recommendations

The best single blade razor for a novice is the Feather Popular. It offers the combination of durability, forgiveness, and low cost that a beginner needs.

More experienced wet shavers will be better served by purchasing the Parker 24C. The combination of open comb and long grip make it ideal for coarse hair or men who just want the closest shave possible.

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