Will Baby Oil Help Your Beard?




Will Baby Oil Help Your Beard

Beard oil is very important for healthy beard growth. Beard oil provides nourishment for your beard and creates the optimal environment for beard growth. However, what about baby oil for your beard? Will baby oil help your beard?

Yes! Baby oil is a great option for your beard. Baby oil will moisturize and nourish your beard as well as your skin. Moroever, baby oil will keep your beard hair shiny, nicely fragranced, and prevent dandruff. However, you should avoid baby oils made with petroleum as this will have negative effects on your bead if used extensively. 

Types of Baby Oils

Many men use baby oil for their beards because they are reaping lots of benefits. Nonetheless, there are some people who claim baby oil is not useful.

Types of Baby Oils

The best way to form your own conclusion from this difference in opinion is to consider the uniqueness of the different types of baby oils.

Here are three that are the most common in the market today:

Common baby oils: They contain petroleum-based mineral oil and lanolin and are clear. Johnson’s baby oil is one of the best-known in this class. These oils are considered a byproduct of the process to refine crude oil. These oils can be used once in a while but are not great options for consistent use.

Plant-and-vegetable oil-based oil: These baby oils are made from coconut oil, sunflower oil, and jojoba oil. They are free from lanolin oil and minerals. These are excellent and very safe oils for consistent use on your beard.

Mixed variety: As the name suggests, these oils are made from the above baby oils’ ingredients.

Which Type of Baby Oil is Safe for Beards?

Before applying baby oil to your beard, you should consider its ingredients, which determine its effectiveness and safety.

For example, if you use oil with lavender oil as one of the ingredients, your beards may take too long to grow. These chemicals suppress the production of androgen receptors and increase estrogen receptors.

Additionally, we have already warned about the use of petroleum jelly-based oils. There is no scientific evidence to support the popular claim that petroleum jelly makes your hair grow faster.

It might protect your hair against breakage and dryness, but it won’t encourage your hair to grow at a faster rate. In fact, we don’t recommend the consistent use of these products on your beard.

However, there are plenty of baby oils that are safe for your beard. These include:

Coconut and mineral oil: Coconut oil is the best due to its ability to penetrate your hair fibers. It also has the best affinity for hair protein. Mineral oils don’t penetrate the hair fibers but coat the beard, so they can help to retain moisture.

Sunflower oil: Sunflower oil contains high quantities of triglycerides, which is all you need in a great penetrating oil.

Grapeseed oil: Has high amounts of polyunsaturated fats, hindering its hair penetration ability.

Jojoba oil: It doesn’t penetrate, making it suitable for keeping the beard moisturized

Is Johnson’s Baby Oil Good for your Beard?

This is a common question for a good reason, Johnson’s baby oil is rather popular. It is the most common baby oil that is mineral or petroleum-based.

Is Johnson’s Baby Oil Good for your Beard

However, ingredients consist of some products that may pose some health risks. It can be used once in a while, but we do not recommend its consistent use.

How Will Baby Oils Help My Beard?

We have seen that baby oils offer an exceptional experience when using them on your beards. Some of their benefits are:

1. Enhance Beard Appearance

Oils that contain natural ingredients are the best for enhancing the appearance of your beard. Natural oils can effectively remove dryness and dandruff.

Besides, the right baby oil will keep your beard soft without clogging your pores.

However, for the best result, you should complement it with beard oils. Individuals who moderately apply safe baby oils normally have the most attractive beards.

2. Reduced Cost

Baby oils perform almost the same job as normal beard oils. However, they come at an incredibly lower cost. You can buy beard oil on Amazon for about 20 to 50 USD.

At the same time, you can get baby oil that is safe and improves your beard appearance at almost a quarter of the cost. So, if you are on a tight budget, you can still get the same value without ever straining.

With the best, cheapest baby oils, you have two options. You can buy baby oil and normal beard oil and use them economically to complement each other.

Alternatively, you can get baby oil that offers the benefits of beard oil. Either way, you will be able to preserve your beards for a longer time and enjoy the cost-related benefits.

3. Provides a Great Fragrance

Manufacturers of baby oils understand that their users are keen on getting an option that improves their beard’s scent. So, they design products that help you feel good and confident when in public places.

Research shows that the exceptional fragrances offered by beard oils are part of why many people are happy to continue growing their beards.

Nonetheless, before deciding to apply baby-beard oil with scent, do your homework to ascertain whether you like the fragrance. People have different preferences, so your choice might be unique.

If you follow this simple advice, you will not need to buy another scented product to cover up the one in your beard oil.

4. Makes Combing Easier

If you have ever tried combining an entangled beard, you know how difficult and annoying this can get.

Let’s say your beard is curly and entangled, some people use a beard comb when taking a bath. However, for the best results, you can apply baby oil before washing your beard. After that, apply it again.

With this method, you will get the best result irrespective of how much your beards got entangled.

5. Protect Your Health

Baby oils made with natural ingredients, such as jojoba and coconut oil, have no side effects. They are soothing to the skin and offer the same value as normal beard oils. So, they are excellent options.

Pros of Baby Oil For Your Skin

  • Improves beard appearance
  • Cheaper than other types of beard oil
  • Offers multiple fragrance choices
  • Makes combing easier
  • Natural ingredients have no side effects

What are the Main Problems with Baby Oils?

Most baby oils have a few cons that you need to understand to make the right decision.

Mineral baby oils made with petroleum can cause health complications if inhaled, for example. Moreover, synthetic oils irritate the skin. If you are not careful, they can cause skin redness and itching.

Cons of Baby Oil For Your Skin

  • Some can cause health complications if inhaled
  • Some irritate the skin

So in essence,

Does Baby Oil Help Beards Grow?

Baby oil is a pretty good moisturizer that falls under the cheaper options for beard care. Although it is not necessarily formulated to be used specifically in caring for beards, it is a permissible alternative so long as it is used lightly.

Like all oils, it locks moisture in rather than providing the moisture itself, so it is advisable to use it in combination with a pre-existing beard care routine.

What Happens If You Put Too Much Baby Oil In Your Beard?

Oils are used to lock moisture into pores and hair follicles. Baby oil is quite a thick oil that can get quite greasy if overused, this can cause acne breakouts. Overuse will cause the oil to clog up your skin pores and this will irritate your skin. It can also lead to grease accumulation in the beard.

When using baby oil, be sure to use it as lightly as possible, don’t go too heavy on the oil. Also, make beard washing a regular practice.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for the best baby oil for your beard, we recommend plant-based options.

They are safer than almost all the other choices in the market. However, bear in mind that the products designed specifically for your beards might offer better results than baby oils. Nonetheless, you can buy either of them depending on your present needs.

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