How Long Does A Razor Blade Last?




How Long Does Razor Blade Last?

It’s always a good idea to check how long your razor blade will last to ensure that you are not using a dull razor. From straight, safe, and vintage to any other razor you have, the blade of your razor lasts at a specific time. Continue reading to know the simplest answer to how long does razor blade last.   

A razor blade will last from 1 to 6 weeks depending on how often you use it. If used daily, change the razor every 1 to 2 weeks. If used every other day, change the razor every 2 to 3 weeks. If used twice a week, change the razor every 4 to 6 weeks and if used once a week, change the razor every 6 weeks.

How Long Does Razor Blade Last?  

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Whether you’re a shaving expert or stepping into the world of shaving, it’s essential to know how long your razor blade will last. Depending on the use and razor quality of your razor, the razor blade loses sharpness and lasts in your shaving.

How Long Does Razor Blade Last

Most razor blades work well until 5-10 shaves, offering smooth, pain-free, and perfect shaving results.

The number can vary depending on the brand of razor you use. Such as the famous Gillette razor blades are known to last for 5-7 shaves on relatively thick hair. Another thing that decides the life of your razor blade is how well you maintain it. The better you maintain it- the long your razor blade will last.   

So, how many times can you use a safety razor blade? It is recommended that you use a razor between 1 and 7 times from 1 to 7 shaves depending on the thickness of your hair.

How Often Should You Replace Your Razor?  

The answer to how often you should replace your razor depends on your frequency of use. On average, experts advise using a new blade every 1 to 2 weeks if you shave every day. For shaving twice a week, it’s better to replace blades every 4 to 6 weeks and later if you shave once a week.   

How Many Times Should You Use A Razor Before Throwing It Away

Your razor blade should be changed after 5-10 shaves. Gillette razor blades should be changed after 5-7 shaves. The thicker your hair is, the more often you should change your razor and the fewer shaves you will have.

Do Razor Blades Get Dull?  

Shaving blades likely get dull and lose sharpness over time. However, the material of the blade and your frequency of use directly impact the dullness of the blade.

To prevent razor blades from getting dull, prepare proper blade maintenance and store it in a dry place without any exposure to water or air.   

Please do not use dull razors to shave because dull razors can easily cut you while shaving. If you are using dull razors and you are wondering why you are cutting yourself while shaving, the razor may be the issue. It is important that you prevent shaving cuts because shaving cuts can be dangerous.

What Makes A Razor Blade Dull?  

A significant number of reasons make a razor blade dull and incapable of using it for shaving. Some of the most common signs of a dull razor are:  

  • Corrosion of the steel  
  • Contact with water  
  • Formation of rust  
  • Bending of the blade  

How Can I Sharpen My Razor At Home?  

Sharpening a razor blade is one of the many crucial steps to increase its longevity for more shavings. To sharpen a razor blade at home, walk with us through these steps.   

  • Grab a pair of old jeans with no damage  
  • Set the jean on a clean, fixed, and non-slip surface.   
  • Put the razor blade in a mixture of mild cleaner and water for a few hours.   
  • Next, let it air dry completely and then run on the jeans in the back-and-forth direction.   
  • Do this for a few minutes and then do a patch test shaving to see how smoothly it cuts after sharpening the razor blades.   

With that said, let’s get to know some other important factors that influence how long your razor blades last.   

Factors That Decide How Long Razor Blades Last 

1. Type Of Hair:  

Thick and coarse hair requires more effort from the shaving razor to cut the hair from the roots.

In contrast, fine and light hair proves easy and smooth to cut during shaving. In wet shaving, you’re advised to exert less force on the razor and let the blade do its work.

As a result, razor blades used for wet shaving are likely to last soon than those used for dry shaving. Also, the tugging and pulling of your hair while shaving may weaken the razor blade and inform you to replace it soon.   

2. Speed Of Growth:  

The quicker your hair grows, the more you will need to cut it off from the razor blade. The speed of hair growth on different body parts differs in every man. Depending on genetics, hormones, and shaving routine, you can estimate the growth of your hair. If you shave every couple of days, then the chances are that your blade may last soon.

In contrast, if you like having a thick layer of hair for days, you might need fewer shaves which means less use of a razor blade, making it last longer. In short, the frequency of your shaving says a lot about how long your razor lasts.   

 3. Area Of Shave:  

Depending on your area of shave, the razor blade you use decides its lifespan and performance. Besides beard and mustache, there are many other places where hair grows and needs shaving. For the cheek, chins, and neck area, you would have to use the razor blade longer for shaving with cream and other shaving assistants.

Due to the larger surface area of the shave, you may need to replace the blades, which shows your old blade has lost all its sharpness. However, it’s also observed that hair on these parts grows thick, rough, and dense compared to the normal mustache.   

4. Material Of The Razor Blade:  

A number of reputable shaving razor blade manufacturing brands vouch for the durability of their blades because of high-grade construction. The most common material used for making blades is stainless steel which prevents rust, corrosion, and other wear and tear.

Despite having metal alloy, razor blades can vary in life span depending on the process of manufacturing it goes from. A naturally sharpened blade made from steel is known to work well in the start but loses efficiency over time if not maintained.   

 5. Blade Care:  

While buying a blade, you get the additional responsibility of maintaining it to increase its lifespan and have the same sharpness every time while shaving. From cleaning the razor blades to storing them in a dry place, you can opt for several measures for your blade care.

Only a well-maintained blade tends to last longer with regular wear and tear. For stainless steel razor blades, we recommend storing them in a place where it doesn’t expose to water or moist that leads to rust and corrosion of the razor blades.   

How Do I Know When To Replace My Razor?

You should replace your razor as s soon as it gets dull. Dull blades significantly increase the risk of shaving cuts because they start to pull at the skin. Thus if you notice that your razor is shaving a lot less smoothly than usual, you should go get a new one.

How Do You Know If A Razor Is Dull?

There are quite a few indicators. Shaving smoothness tends to reduce with dull razors because the blade edges start to catch onto your hair and skin instead of sliding through the hairs. This greatly increases the risk and occurrence of shaving cuts. Also if your blade starts to rust, it’s time to trash it.

What Do You Do With Old Razor Blades?

Old razors should be carefully disposed of. It’s advised to either wrap them up (this can be done with tape or paper), or dispose of them in a sharps bin. They can also be recycled. Terracycle offers a free recycling service for disposable razors.

How Many Times Can You Use A Razor For Shaving?

Although it comes down to how thick your beard is, the general consensus on razor replacement is recommended to be after 5-10 shaves.



No matter which blades you use, this information about a razor blade’s longevity is sure to help you explore more about your razor. To get a flawless shaving experience, you need a razor blade that lasts longer without asking you to buy new ones regularly.    

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