Are Moustaches Creepy

Are Moustaches Creepy?

Deciding whether to keep the moustache or not can be hard. Either you’re planning to grow a moustache or shaving the one that you have. One reason for or against is some people think moustaches are creepy. So, moustaches are creepy or not? In this article, you’ll find out if keeping moustaches really make you look creepy or its always cool.   

In most cases, people don’t consider moustaches creepy unless its is very large and unsightly or a weird cut like Hitler for example. Most people don’t consider a well groomed, shaved moustache creepy, but one that is extremely large, bulgy and unkempt will definitely be considered creepy.

Lets get more into this.

Is My Moustache Creepy?

The idea of considering moustaches creepy has come from the men of the late 70’s with thick and waxy hair moustaches.

creepy looking moustache

Among all the facial hairs, moustaches have always been the most famous one and obviously the ultimate sign of masculinity.

However, the new decade has welcomed clean shaves with open arms but that doesn’t mean moustaches are creepy.

Despite being an antiquated hair growth style, they are still the ultimate favorites of many men and an easy plus attractive look to pull at any time.   

Moustaches vs no moustache

From movie character villains to old school bad-guys, we have always perceived creepy moustaches as an obnoxious facial character.

Growing a mustache or not depends on your personal preference and interest to maintain it well. But once you’ve found that perfect way to keep a moustache groomed-there’s no way you’re going back

Not only moustaches are love and proud of military men but also a great way to spruce up any men’s personality.

Also, having a moustache surprisingly comes with numerous health benefits but the condition is to only have clean moustaches that doesn’t look creepy.   

Benefits of Having a Moustache:   

  1. Reduces Cancer Risk: Recently, many men have been diagnosed with 3rd-degree lip cancer for different reasons. However, having a thick hairy moustache prevents direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight and other UV radiation on the upper lips.   
  2. Fewer Shaving Cuts: Shaving moustaches needs less time and effort than shaving a beard that covers your complete face. By shaving less, you ultimately get fewer chances of cuts and nicks with reduced skin issues.   
  3. Attractiveness: Moustaches can naturally bring attractiveness to your face. They amazingly disguise the face symmetry by covering only a small skin portion. Through this, you get prominent chins, jawlines, and other noticeable facial attractiveness.   
  4. Shows Masculinity: Having moustaches is the easiest, traditional, and winning way to display your masculinity. Also, there are few amazing moustaches styles like handlebar, pencil, and horseshoes moustache to give a try.  

Are Moustaches Attractive? How To Make My Moustache Attractive?

However, we cannot bet on the statement if moustaches are attractive but they are not creepy at all. attractive Moustaches

They can be attractive if you know how to maintain one and can follow a good moustache care regimen in your shaving routine.

Thus, here we have mentioned a few effective tips for maintaining a moustache that doesn’t look creepy in any way.

Carefully go through these tips and get your curiosity fueled to know why most of the moustaches look creepy.   

  • Keep It Clean:   

As mentioned, moustaches are a lot easier to keep clean, neat, and out of infections than beards.

Also, they consume fewer shaving products due to coverage over less shaving area when shaving.

Several ways can keep moustaches fresh and flawless as you see in shaving ads. These include shaving the extra hair growth regularly, drawing outlines to keep it in shape, using quality shaving products, cutting the rough hair from the moustaches, etc.   

  • Know Your Face Shape:   

It’s extremely important to know your face shape before styling a moustache. Thick and large Chevron moustaches look scary on oval face shape.

In contrast, Pencil and Walrus moustache can do wonders in enhancing the other facial characters of a triangular face shape.

From long, round, square oval to any face shape or volume, examine your face a little before you go to the barber or style your moustache yourself.   

  • Sparse Your Hair Well:   

The truth is that less-sparse hair on moustache looks comparatively neat and clean plus takes less time and effort to maintain.

It’s easy to grow the hair once you’ve styled them but hard to style once you’ve got irregular and excessive moustache hair growth.

Go with a wide moustache if you need some coverage on the mouth and nose whereas grow a narrow moustache to keep the look light and clean.  

  • Balance the Manly look:  

Make sure you have a strict balance with your manly look while growing any type of moustache.

From cowboy to the new-loving modern moustaches styles, growing too-manly moustaches can make you look older. Well, this is also one of the reasons that can get you creepy moustaches unintentionally.   

What Are Women’s Opinion on Moustaches?  

No doubt that moustaches say a lot about a man and play a major role in attracting the opposite gender.

They can add an instant attractive spark to the overall men’s personality without spending much time and money.

However, women have strong opinions on men’s moustaches and how that directly affect their manhood and masculinity.   

  • Approximately 53.5% of women deeply feel that having moustaches is the easiest way to make a quick sex appeal. Half of these women love men who have stylish moustaches due to the charming vibe they exude. While the rest of them considers moustaches as a sign of classy sophistication for men.    
  • It’s pretty rare to see men with well-groomed and a modern-style moustache that makes one look unique. In this regard, women feel that moustaches are very helpful in capturing attention and winning over women without trying too hard.  
  • A bit strange but as per women, moustaches can ingrain a mysterious factor in men of every age. That’s why, they find it very hard to know what men with moustaches are up to. However, 72.4%-10.38% of women like this mysteriousness on men’s faces that is due to their moustaches.   
  • We can’t neglect the fact that women like men, not boys, and a good moustache can add a strong masculinity factor in every male. With giving that manly attitude, a well-groomed moustache also helps you look and sound mature regardless of your age.   
  • A lot of women are keen to find the sexiest trends in men’s moustaches and try them on their loved men. In contrast, some of them feel moustaches outdated, the reason for many infections, and a deal-breaker while turning any women on.   

What Does a Moustache Say About a Man?

Mustaches have long been associated with masculinity and sometimes even virility. It is often thought that the bigger the mustache, the more masculine a man must be to sport it.

This also goes back into history when facial hair was much more prevalent in certain cultures than in others.

Why Did Mustaches Become Popular?

In the late 1700s, beards fell out of fashion. The Russians did this by making a law about how much it would cost to have a beard.

Mustaches became popular because you could not have a beard.

Deciding that beards were signs of heroes, British men started growing their own.

Are Mustaches Still in Style?

Yes, mustaches are back in style, but as always, people are divided.

Nevertheless, mustaches are still in style even during our time and most men still have them.

Why Are Mustaches Coming Back?

The resurgence of mustaches can be linked to “Movember,” a worldwide, month-long campaign in which people grow their upper-lip hair for charity.


By the end of the article, it’s pretty clear now that moustaches are not creepy but a lot manlier and attractive than clean shaves.

Be it the vintage moustaches from the early 80’s or today’s modern moustache types, men with moustache is definitely a treat to the eye. However, growing a moustache is a fun thing to experiment with your facial hair and can go a long way if you don’t make moustaches look creepy.