Gillette Silver Blue Vs Platinum




Gillette Silver Blue Vs Platinum

Gillette is a top-tier brand for high-quality shaving blades such as the popular Gillette SB and Gillette Platinum. Both blades are making rounds among men who want clean, smooth, and effortless shaving. Hence, keep on reading to find which one is the best choice for you.     

The major difference between the Gillette Silver Blue vs Gillette Platinum is that the Silver Blues is an excellent, long-lasting razor, it’s very sharp, but they give a very smooth and standard Gillette blade feel on the face. Gillette Platinum is also sharp and reasonably smooth.

Let’s learn more about these blades.

Which One Is Better? 

Launched in Russia, the Gillette Platinum razor blade received amazing reviews in a very short period of time when released.

However, the Gillette Silver Blue got rapidly famous for proving a safe and effective shaving blade.

There’s no doubt that both shaving blades have done wonders in the shaving regimen of several men.

But Gillette Silver Blue has high recommendations and satisfied reviews for offering an enjoyable shaving experience without breaking the bank. 

Why Gillette Silver Blue Blades Are Better? 

  • Shaving Thick Hair: Numerous men are pleased with the results after using the Gillette Silver blade on their thick and coarse hair as they comfortably shave the hair without pulling or tucking.   
  • Durability: Unlike Gillette Platinum Blade, using these can keep up with the sharpness of a number of shavings.   
  • Shaving Effort: Shaving with Gillette Silver Blue blades requires less effort while shaving every hair type. Moreover, the wider edges of the blade can excellently cover the whole shaving area.   
  • Smooth Shaving: Many men who use Silver Blue blades are amazed by the painless and smooth shaving experience they offer. Also, close-shaves with these blades are pretty easy and fun as they don’t irritate the skin after shaving.   
  • Minimized Risk of Cuts: As compared to Gillette Platinum, these blades ensure a safe plus perfect shave with minimized risks of cuts and nicks during shaving 
  • Wet Shaving: The blades have also shown pretty good performance in wet shaving, especially by double edge safety razors. They are an excellent choice to use on sensitive skin without hurting the skin.   
  • Cost and availability: Lastly, 20 packs of 5 Gillette Silver Blue blades per pack is comparatively cheap than the similar package of Gillette Platinum blades. Also, SB blades are readily available in many stores.  

There are many reasons for both Gillette Silver Blue and Gillette Platinum blades facing serious competition in the market.

Not only both of the blades were launched in the same year but also have similar packaging which often causes confusion when choosing the desired one. Therefore, here are some significant differences that will help you quickly identify which one to choose.   

How To Identify Gillette Silver Blue Vs Platinum Razors?

Gillette Platinum Blades

The overall packaging of the Gillette Platinum Blades is not very unique as the blades are enveloped with simple thin, light, and transparent wax paper. It has two Arabic words printed on the top right corner of the packaging.

Gillette Silver Blue Blades

Many people suspect these Arabic scriptures are the company tag from gulf countries but, the razor has its origin in Russia. In contrast, the Gillette Silver Blue Blades has a dark blue package with its name and a small logo boldly printed on the front side of the wax paper. 

Why Is Platinum Used In Blade Coating?

One of the most popular elements utilized in the coating of a safety razor blade is platinum. Its components are exceptionally long-lasting, allowing the blade to preserve its smoothness on the sides and sharpness on the edges. Also, a platinum coating is often used due to the fact that it makes blades appear lustrous.

Platinum-coated blades are often considered sharper and smoother than stainless.

Are Gillette Platinum Blades Good?

Platinum bales are some of the finest blades that are available today. Since they provide excellent shave that gives very clean and comfortable results, Platinum blades are considered as one of the best on the market. They have been severally spoken of as one of the best that your money can get you.


In a nutshell, Gillette Silver Blue blades have high preferences and more satisfying feedback than platinum blades. By offering a better shave every time, Gillette’s Silver Blue blades win the competition against the Gillette platinum blades.  

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