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MenShavingClub.com is for the manly man.

For the classic man who believes in proper grooming and style.

We are a community of men who believe in investing in our appearance. We are about feeling awesome by looking awesome.

We are about grooming…

We are about style…

Not only do we cover actionable advice on every aspect of men’s grooming, but we help you to take on and implement the habits, disciplines, and skills to embrace your manliness.

Take the journey with us and let’s foster confidence through grooming.


-The Club


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  • Santa Maria Novella Shaving Cream Review

    Santa Maria Novella Shaving Cream Review

    It’s rare to find shaving creams with natural medicinal ingredients that enhance shaving, like the Santa Maria Novella shaving cream. Many men love the scent and freshness of menthol that this cream offers. Continue reading this detailed review of Cream Da Barbara and decide if it’s the right choice for you. Cream Da Babra Shaving…

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  • Maca Root Shaving Cream Review

    Maca Root Shaving Cream Review

    In search of a soft, smooth, and affordable shaving lubricant, is the best option to go with. Known for its excellent lathering properties and long-lasting impact on skin, it can make shaving pleasant only in one use. Continue reading the detailed review of Marca root shaving cream below.  Is Better Than Others? How good is…

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  • Groom and Clean vs Brylcreem Oiginal

    Groom and Clean vs Brylcreem Oiginal

    Brylcreem is a men’s hairstyling brand from the United Kingdom. The cream is a beeswax-established emulsion of water and mineral oil. It’s known for its high shine, which inspired the product’s name, derived from the words “brilliantine” and “cream.” Since 1928, this original hairstyling product has been styling men. About The original Brylcreem provides strong…

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