Shaving Gel Vs Cream – Complete Guide

A shaving lubricant can make or break your shaving experience. However, the pool of options in shaving lubricants is more than ever before. As such, the choice between shaving creams and gel is always hard. Continue reading the article to know which one should be your go-to choice for shaving. 

The main difference between shaving gel and shaving cream is the lather. Shaving cream is meant to be mixed with a bit of water and worked into a lather, so it is instant. However, shaving gel lather is thick and meant to be used as-is. 

Instant lather Thicker lather
Easier to rinse away Enhanced lubrication
Softer and airier feelingAdded protection for your skin
Traditional lather
More razor glide
Wetter shaving felling Thinner
Won’t clog up your razor blade Transparent and waterless
Ingredients penetrate skin Reduced shaving time

The long-lived debate between shaving cream and gel is once again in the limelight. Out of all other shaving lubricants, these two have always been leading the charge in the world of wet shaving. Whether you shave daily or once in a blue moon, having a shaving lubricant by your side gives you the ultimate nirvana sigh of relief during shaving. 

Shaving Cream Or Shaving Gel? Which one is better?

Shaving cream is one of the most traditional shaving lubricants, while shaving gel is undoubtedly the savior of those with sensitive skin during shaving. No matter how many times you shave, having a quality shaving lubricant is an absolute must.

Both, shaving cream and shaving gel come with an equal set of pros and cons to consider. Be it preventing razor burns or keeping your skin soft, they help you in multiple ways to enhance your shaving. 

Is shave gel the same as shaving cream? 

Breaking the myth, shaving gel may be similar but not exactly the same as shaving cream due to a number of reasons. Shave gels are a little thick as compared to cream and take time to sit on the skin. Therefore, they are known to offer an additional layer of protection between your skin and the razor.

Is shaving gel bad for your skin?

Shaving gels are not bad for your skin unless they contain too many toxic chemicals. Like shaving creams, most shave gels contain mineral oils that promote skin hydration. Moreover, they also close the open skin and offer resistance from infections, bacteria, acne, etc.

Is it better to shave with cream?

Shaving cream has always been a better option when it comes to wet shaving. Not only it acts as an excellent shaving lubricant, but it also keeps the skin hydrated during and after shaving. Adding a quality shaving cream into your shaving tools routine will make your investment worth the money, time, and trust.

Shaving Cream:

Shaving cream is a thick textured shaving lubricant that looks like foam when applied to the skin. You might have come across shaving creams from different brands, mostly packed in cans and tubes. These are also known as shaving foams because half of their tube is filled with air which likely results in skin irritation after shaving. 

Shaving Gel:

Shaving gel also has a similar texture but is stickier than shaving creams which offer the least resistance to razors when shaving. Since gels are clear, lather-less, and sticky, they are used for a myriad of purposes during shaving. Some of these are shaping the hair growth, shaving in one direction, and allow you to see through the cuts.

Shaving Cream Vs Shaving Gel Comparison

Let’s look at a detailed comparison between both the shaving products and decide which one is your ideal fit. 

1. Lather

There’s hard to find any other shaving product that matches the quality and quantity of lather that shaving cream makes.

Not only does the lather act as a barrier between skin and razor to prevent harsh razor burns. But, it also flattens hair follicles which makes it easy to shave. In contrast, shaving gels are lather-less, which means they give a clear picture of the razor gliding over your skin. 

2. Lubrication

The ultimate purpose of every shaving lubricant is to lubricate the whole shaving area well. Since shaving cream is thicker and produces lots of lather, it serves as an excellent shaving lubricant. Plus, it has ingredients that easily penetrate the hair follicles and makes shaving a piece of cake.

In the case of shaving gels, the lubrication is done nicely because of the slipperiness produced on the skin that lets the razor smoothly shave with fewer cuts and nicks. It lubricates better than shaving cream by keeping skin moisturized and free from razor cuts. 

3. Making

Both shaving cream and gel contain some of the finest quality ingredients, which makes them the top preference in shaving lubricants.

Shaving creams have lather-making ingredients that are easily mixed with water, such as oils, conditions, glycerine, etc.

In contrast, the shaving gel consists of oil-based ingredients that absorb well into the skin and hydrate it for longer durations. Shaving Gel is the ideal choice in shaving lubricant for sensitive skin as the person can see the razor direction.

4. Ease of use

As observed, shaving cream is relatively easy to use, which is why it’s one of the most commonly used shaving lubricants by everyone. However, lubricating with shaving creams requires water which is not the case in the gel. Unlike cream that needs to be rinsed off after shaving, gels are easy to spread across the shaving area and absorb smoothly into the skin. 

5. Moisturization

A good shaving lubricant is also known for how well it moisturizes. Shaving cream is a world-class choice as an effective skin moisturizer after shaving.

The hydrating ingredients in creams soften the facial hair and give extra benefit while shaving.

Shaving gels act as a fantastic moisturizer to assimilate into the skin, fill the pores, and emits a beautiful fragrance. For sensitive skin, the gel goes an extra mile to reduce skin irritation and forms a protective layer around the skin. 

6. Safety

Shaving gels and creams are generally toxic substances. Most of them contain harmful substances such as lanolin, glycerin, polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate. This is why you should never ingest shaving cream!

While there are organic ones, for example some shaving creams contain aloe vera, others contain hemp and other protein extracts, the fact is, most dont.

Final Verdict:

Either you choose shaving cream or a shave gel, select the best quality brand; after all, it’s a matter of your skin.

Shaving cream is the best option if you have plenty of time to dedicate your shaving and bring the best results while going through the 3-step rinse method. In comparison, Shaving gels may work well for you if you’re short of time in the morning and need to quick up your shaving sesh without cutting the skin. 


Whichever shaving lubricant you choose, make sure it works best for your skin and offers optimum protection. Whether it’s your everyday shave or a special close shave, choose the most convenient option that suits your personal preference and gives you the desired shaving results. 


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