How Long Does Aftershave Last?




How Long Does Aftershave Last

Aftershave helps cuts to heal much faster after shaving. It also reduces itching and swelling. Now, you may be asking the common question, how long does aftershave last? Keep reading for a detailed response on this.

In most cases, aftershaves can last between 24 – 36 months (2 to 3 years). When used as a cologne, the scent can last on you for a few hours to a day or so for more expensive ones. This is very dependent on the specific aftershave’s scent style and formulation.

Let’s get into more details.

How Long Will My Aftershave Last After Use?

The amount of time your aftershave will last after use depends on its quality and ingredients. Of course, some last longer than others, so you should read the manufacturer’s instructions to know the exact duration before spending your money.

How Long Will My Aftershave Last After Use

Please note that contrary to popular opinion, aftershaves typically last for a few hours.

However, most of them take between two and three hours.

Why is the duration too short?

Remember that the primary purpose of aftershave is to protect your skin from infections and soothe it after shaving, not make you smell amazing throughout the day.

If you want the added advantage of smelling nice the whole day, you are free to consider shopping around for one that offers this. You should also choose an aftershave that hasn’t expired and adequately apply it to your skin.

Can You Use Aftershave Every Day?

Yes, you can use your aftershave every day, even without shaving. Remember, your aftershave will last for a few hours per day. So, if you want to smell unique most of the time, you can use it more frequently.

However, it would be great if you used the aftershave sparingly on unsaved skin.  Also, be sure to read and understand the manufacturer’s usage instructions and the ingredients to avoid misusing them.

How To Make Aftershave Last Longer?

To make your aftershave last longer, choose the right one. Aftershaves that last longer are however normally more expensive, for example, the Creed Aventus. Next, apply it right after showering directly onto your body, not on the clothes.

Remember to give yourself a quick pat with your clean towel after showering and apply the aftershave immediately. When you do this, your skin will adequately absorb it, giving you the desired result.

Does Aftershaves Have a Shelf Life?

Yes, aftershaves do go bad. That’s why we’ve said you need to consider whether your preferred aftershave has expired or not before dishing out your hard-earned money.

The good news is that most aftershaves don’t have a hard-and-fast expiry date. Some aftershaves can expire in under six months, but others may last for as much as ten years. However, the average shelf life of an aftershave should be three to five years.

In most cases, manufacturers will state the lifespan of an aftershave on the bottle as 24 – 36 months, depending on the brand. This expiry date is generally for safety or a marketing ploy.

Can I Use Alcohol Instead of Aftershave?

The correct answer is yes.  If you are not interested in the smell, alcohol is a great choice. Better still, you can opt for alcohol if you want to remove razor bumps on your face.  Remember that alcohol can do this and act as an antiseptic for your skin.

Overall, if you have sensitive skin, you can use alcohol as an alternative to aftershave and reap excellent results.

Does aftershave lose its smell?

Your cologne can last, when stored properly, about five years—sometimes less. You’ll know it’s turned when it changes color (usually darker), when it smells sour, or when you need to apply twice as much in order to achieve the right amount of scent. … It’ll also cause the scent to wear off more quickly.

Why can’t I smell my aftershave?

Now there may be another reason you can’t smell your perfume anymore: It may simply be that it’s evaporating too quickly. … Use this very scientific method: just ask someone from your household to smell you a few hours after you’ve spritzed on your favorite scent.

How Long Should A Bottle Of Aftershave Last?

This depends entirely on the volume of aftershave per spray and how much you spray. So a regular 50ml bottle could last anywhere from a month to three months (spray volume ranging from 0.08 to 0.1). The more sparingly you spray, the longer your aftershave will last.

Can I Use Aftershave After The Expiration Date?

This depends on how safe they are and how well they smell after expiring. Some scents stay strong long after the printed expiry date, but the safety of using them may be compromised by the health of the container, so it’s best advised to do some research on the safety of your brand of aftershave.

Does Aftershave Last All Day?

Aftershave scents can last all day depending on how concentrated they are, though most scents only last a few hours. However, when applied with the right technique, the scent duration can be extended.

How Do You Make Aftershave Last All Day?

Spraying aftershave directly to your skin is a surefire way to make it last because on getting dressed, the clothes keep the scent locked close to your skin. Aftershave soaks quicker into wet skin, especially after a warm bath.

Which Lasts Longer Aftershave Lotion or Balm?

Aftershave lotion is alcohol-based and so will dry faster than balms which are cream-based. This means you may have that alcohol smell longer without the moisture.

With balms, however, the fragrance may disappear faster, but your skin will be supple for longer. Check out our article on aftershave options bs aftershave balms to learn more.

Summing Up

Aftershave can last for several hours if you properly apply it. However, the average duration is about two-to-three hours. So, ensure you choose an approved aftershave and follow the correct procedure to apply it to get the most out of it for a longer period.

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